Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting Drunk With Pokemon

I posted awhile back about video game inspired drinks. Well I decided to stop looking at these things and give some a try and make them myself.

The 3 I tried were the Pokemon inspired drinks, specifically, the water guy one. Blastoise, etc,etc.

Here's the recipe again for a refresher.

Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise (Pokemon Shot and Cocktails)

1/3 shot spiced rum
1/3 shot coconut rum

1/3 shot blue curacao

1/2 shot spiced rum

1/2 shot coconut rum
1/2 shot blue curacao
Fill with Mountain Dew Voltage

1 Squirtle
1 Wartortle
1 shot light rum
Fill with Mountain Dew Voltage

Directions: For the Squirtle shot, simply pour all three ingredients into a shot glass. For the Wartortle cocktail, shake the alcoholic ingredients, pour over crushed ice in a lowball glass, then fill with Mountain Dew Voltage. For the Blastoise cocktail, pour one Squirtle and one Wartortle into a highball glass over ice, add the light rum, then fill with the Mountain Dew.

It cost just under $50 to get all the stuff for it, mostly because I couldn't find small 12oz flask and instead had to by the 26 oz bottles of it. That and booze in Canada is taxed to hell, so it can get expensive.

First the shot itself,"Squirtle". This was great, sweet and spicy, but more like a tropical spice. Very tasty indeed and because they go down so smooth, they can seriously get you messed up if your not careful.

Next one up was Wartortle, which had the same ingredients but add blue mountain dew. But I couldn't find blue mountain dew, so I had to go with regular dew and it turned my drink from a nice blue color to a greenish swamp color. It still tasted great, but it wasn't blue. Again a tropical drink taste and flavour.

Finally was Blastoise, which was simply two Wartortle's combined. For those people who like to drink in excess.

Overall, I had 3 squirtles, 2 wartortles and 1 blastoise and I was nice and cozy before the night was out. It tasted great and I sure would like to give more of these a try when I get some free time and money. I recommend trying some out for yourselves and see how it all goes. Click Here to go back to the old post.


Kelli said...

I do want to try the liquid snake cocktail, plus i like that it has the gummy worms in it :)

Blake said...

I like to the other pokemon fire based drinks. But I am not a fan of fireball whiskey.