Sunday, May 31, 2009

X-men Origins - Wolverine - PS3

Blarrgh, so I just finished this game. I will probable do 2 post for this. One where I talk about the game, the other , "Getting all your Trophies"

As Movie games go, this one isn't that bad. I must say that I really enjoyed my "FIRST" play through of the game. I read the reviews and listened to the podcast about this game before I went out and got it. And I must say, that I think most (not all)of the negativity about this game was not warranted.

One complaint was," It didn't bring anything new to the table, it was a mish-mash of God of War and some other game I can't remember."
My response, Why is that a bad thing?!, does every game you play have to be ground breaking in order for it to be fun or even a good game?! Some nerd shouting," I can't stand games that are like games I played last week!!"pfft!! Get over it, don't be so damn anal!!

Second complaint comes from the the 1 up podcast. They say that the violence is too over the top and doesn't add anything to the game, infact, its TOO much!! That they don't think Wolverine is that violent.
My response, I love the violence that is wolverine. I think they hit the nail on the head with Wolverine. In the 90's, in his books, sheesh, he gut his own mother if she got in his way during one of his berserker rages. That was the point of wolverine, he's a great fighter to have on your team, but let him loose and his just has likely to turn on you in the heat of battle. IT was only later that they started giving him...what's that called again...oh yeah...Feeeeelings!!
So screw the 1up guys on that, maybe wolverine should have talked his problems out with the machete men.

I was disappointed that the game didn't take the liberty to do their own story line, something separate from the movie. Instead you get a crappy movie plot shoved into little cut scenes. Its like getting forced fed until your gaggin on all the one liners and campy dialogue. All the little bits of dialogue that got a laugh in the movie, or big superheroey lines were rehashed in this game, with the subtle of a sledgehammer to the head.

Spoiler Alert!!!
To be fair, they did mix it up a bit. I mean the overall plot of the movie is in the game, but they took liberties of adding bits. Their trip through the jungle with flash backs. So at one point you get to be in a Sentinel factory and fight a giant Sentinel . Easily the coolest looking battle in the game.

You get to see "Ravens" take on, Nightcrawler. Who is his daddy?!!..well, its some guy from the Black eye peas and Mystique. Wanna know what Mystique finds attractive?!!.....When people don't kill her. Its a hard life she lives, everyone trying to kill her. Then one day, some teleporting Pop star comes by, and say,"baby, I ain't gonna shoot you today, infact, I think we should have babies." Its all very silly. End Spoiler

Gameplay -
I don't want to make this long winded, I liked it. Yes, its has elements of the battle system from God of war, and it was fun. I enjoyed lunging to enemies, ripping off arms and beating some dingbat to death with it. It was very enjoyable. In my first playthrough, I didn't get bored at all killing the baddies. There was a wide variety of ways to kill them and they all had different animations for their deaths, well done. Lunge, stab, jump into the air and lunge back down, stab, pick em up and and stab him in the gut with both claws and rip em into. See, great stuff.

It had alot of frames dropping. Almost every time a new area came in, or the camera switched to close up of a fight, the characters, BG, would all be smooth, and then the textures would pop in over them. One minute you would be looking at wall, its all grey smooth, then its all textured up. Same for characters. Now this wasn't a bad thing, just annoying The cutscenes on the other hand, (the rendered ones) were awesome. The hair, the skin, the lighting was fantastic.

I have no complaint. Nothing to say, they worked. Its not too often that a game has controls so awful that it just makes it not fun to play a game. I'm still baffled over RE5, I picked that up and shheesh. Good game or not, the controls are the worst I've EVER played on ANY game. That's right, I said it, ANY GAME!!!

Over all there were some really silly things that made me laugh throughout the game.

1)The Magic Shirt - Wolverine starts the game in his white t-shirt and has he takes damage, his shirt gets shot and cut up till there's nothing left. He's shirtless, that's what I noticed while playing. But what I didn't know, was .....good god, Wolverine can heal his shirt back on...WOW....seriously, has you take damage on your naked torso, he will heal parts of his shirt back on, its pretty funny.

2)Black Man Hand - At some point in the game, wolverine needs the hand print of some person to get through to the next area. He finds the guy and he's a black scientist. He then cuts this dudes hand off and we go back to the door and he puts the hand on the scanner, but wait. Didn't we just chop a black guys hand off?!! why the hell is their a white guys hand being used on the scanner. Does he have a pocket full of human hands lying around for just such an occasion.???

3) Gambit's Mullet - If you are going to make a character and base it off a movie character. Then why the god did you feel it was necessary to give him a mullet.? I just about shit my pants when I saw Gambit and his "Ultimate Warrior" Hair-Do. "Mon fere" this and "Mon Fere" that, he was a joke in this game.

So with all that said, I enjoyed the game. It was plain and simple fun. Nothing spectacular, nothing horrible. What was good was great and what was bad was bearable. Like I said, I will do another one , describing how to get your platinum trophy. God, that's when this game starts to hurt.


This is a cool ad, but it would have been better if you saw wolverines claws being used. I mean why the hell did he use his head to bang his way out of the cage??!!


Loner Gamer said...

Thanks for the "Spoiler Alert" because I do plan on getting this game in the future. When I read mainstream media reviews, I tend to just read the summary at the end because these people just LOVE to expose every single thing there is to know about the games... As if they were saying "I got there first na-na-na-na-na".

Good to know you enjoyed the game. Based on the demo I played, it certainly isn't your typical rushed and moronically empty movie-based game. The violence is so Wolverine. What? People think that no blood is spilt when you have sharp claws stabbing and shredding people to bits?

Blake said...

Yeah, in certain parts of the game, the blood was purple!!!

Loner Gamer said...

I noticed that during the first head to the chopper-blade scene. It's weird.