Friday, March 28, 2008

Transformers The Game - PS3

First off, I have to say that I am a big transformer fan. I'm not a hardcore fan, but I do collect their toys, but they don't have to be in boxes and never opened, I don't care about that.

I've played every transformer game that was made to date, even the old NES game that made Optimus' truck form useless. Well he could go faster across the ground, but what was the point of that if something was in your your way that you had to shoot and then you smash into it?..but anyway, I am here reviewing the Transformers based off of Michael Bay's Movie, Transformers.

I equate this movie to having a ugly baby. I had to buy the game, I read the reviews, heard the feedback, and still I had to go out and get it. It may not be pretty , but its mine. UGLY BABY!!..
The game itself looked nice, I read that the characters were actually used using the same models that the movie used. If thats true than I guess all their effort for the game went there, the robots and seeing them transform over and over is the best part of the game. Thats quite sad when you think of it....your flying over a building has Starscream..and you hit the transform button and he lands, you hit it again and he takes off...hit it again and he lands...repeat until you want to see another robot transform from a different angle. The cars on the other hand launch themselves into the air when they transform, which makes it kinda hard when you are speeding around the road way and you need to be a robot and hit the button and sail across your objective and land 50 ft away from where you were suppose to be.

Anywho, Diversity is a big thing I like in games, they could have done so much with this game, but instead stuck with generic across the board. Each transformer has 2 different weapons, a heavy weapon and a lite weapon. Now, the difference between the two besides one being called Heavy and the other lite. Nothing, (thats not really true..each robot fires different projectiles..but besides that) ..Nothing!!...they are useless..I have missiles that shoot outta my wrist...I shoot the baddie..he blocks all my shots..infact ALL the robots block my shots...the only thing I can successfully hit with my arm weapons are the humans and their cars. So the only way to blow up other transformers is to punch cool moves like the Prince of Persia games..nope..punch punch kick..kick kick punch. Can you feel the excitement?!

So, their weapons suck if you are attacking transformer. Although I did have fun has Blackout blowing up the army base.He has the coolest looking weapon in the game. But really, any game is fun when you are left alone to your own devices and you make a game outta something that shouldn't be a game, like how far can I throw this tank?, is it a set mark?, or does running before I throw it make it go further?.
Another thing I wanted to do was climb the tallest building in the city and jump off of it in robot mode and transform in midair and smash into the ground, GREAT FUN!!...but it won't let you. ALL TRANSFORMATIONS have to happen with 2 feet firmly stuck to the ground. You can't run and jump and CAN run ..then jump..then transfomer, but god forbid if you do it in midair.

Anywho, you can collect things around the game, find all the thingamagigs and it unlocks new skins. These skins are the best part of the game, besides transforming. But you can choose to have Optimus and jazz and Megatron in their old G1 styles. Thats pretty neat. They should have had alot more stuff like that.

The game play and level designs and ..well everything else , it all seemed very unfinished. It could have been a great game, but I think they rushed it to get it out to have a money maker to go along with the movie. And it really shows in all facids of the game. I bought it, I have it..its mine..and I'm not proud of it....

Written By: Darryl Blake


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