Wednesday, November 24, 2010

God of War 3 - PS3

Finally picked this game up for 20$, so I am pretty late to the boat with this one. But no matter, whether its played a few months ago or now, its still a good game.(I don't mind waiting for games)

I won't bother talking about the game itself cause most people already know most everything about the game, so just my thoughts.

Kratos is one Angry man, playing him in his previous games he still had a hint of humanity that you could relate too and feel bad for him, something redeeming.. Not in the 3rd one, he is one mean unforgiving asshole and you can bet that if you are going to cross paths with him. Then one of two things will happen to you. You will either die or he will bone you, similar yes. But at least one you may walk away from.

The game looks great, no denying that. But I don't know if it was all the hype and best game of the year nonsense, cause I didn't think it was AMAZING!. A really GOOD game, yes, visually and level design, spectacular. Gameplay....meehhhh, its God of War. You know what you are getting into, its fun!
The one thing that killed me the most was the double jump and glide technique. Countless times I would jump off cliffs and then hit jump again and fall to my death. I guess the double jump isn't meant for quick presses but a slight delay, so if you hit it too soon he doesn't double jump but instead falls to his death. Way to go Kratos!!

After playing all 3, if I have to rank them in order of which ones I enjoyed the most, it would have to be GOW2 - GOW1 -GOW3 comes in third.

I did enjoy the game, its took me a little over 9 hrs to finish it and with that I plan on going back and trying my hand at platinuming this little baby. So off I go to finish this beast on Titan mode. More about all this nonsense later.


Kelli said...

God of War III is already 20 dollars??? wow. you really do play your games thouroughly. I need to do that as well as you can see i have zero platinum trophies. so no more buying games for the next few months I'm gonna work on the 4 that I bought.

You have became my new gamer role model :)

Blake said...

Yeah, I can thank my mom and her wisdom of" There are starving people in the world and you want a new game when you haven't finished the one you got"

Thanks Mom,"Now finish your peas"

Anonymous said...

Hi Blake,

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Best wishes,
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