Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stargate - SNES

This is gonna be all from what I remember when I was a kid. Nothing from what I think now and know now. Just to keep the memory pure.

Darryl THEN-The movie Stargate came out with Kick ass man, Kurt Russel. He's badass, Darryl NOW-He's still badass.
Darryl THEN-I played a few of the other movie tie in games like these and if I knew anything about these types of games. They are friggin hard. I played the Robocop, Demolition man, Judge Dread. They were all side scroller shooters. They were all stupid hard. It demanded countless hrs to know when badguys would pop out from where and hope you were fast enough to remember to kill the thing.

So mom got me Stargate, I think I even asked for it. Again I wasn't surprised that it was a run and gun sidescroller shooter. I enjoyed how all the levels of the game were straight from the movie. No deviation here, if it was in the movie, They somehow made a level out of it, and I was totally fine with that. Its what I wanted, Darryl NOW-(I was an idiot)

Darryl THEN- I especially enjoyed when I got to fly the super rad flying eagle ships. It wasn't too hard and it was fun mowing down all those Egyptian Aliens. I found I was going through the levels pretty fast and each time I get a little further. I was in the groove, I couldn't be killed, I'm gonna make it to the end. Even if I don't kill the boss, I made it there. I've never done that in most movie games. Darryl NOW - Good job retard.


Of course you pretend you don't hear her, so she yells it several more times. Until you've tested the limits of your parents vocal chords and she storms into the room.


Darryl,"Hear WHAT!?" (kids always play stupid, or at least I did)

So she yells at me to go outside and help dad. But I'm in the groove, I can't leave now. But of course you can't win here. So I pause and run outside to shovel 5 feet of snow from the drive way. All the while thinking, "yeah, remember now, jump, shoot, duck, jump, duck, shoot"
Keep going over what I did, again and again, stay focused, even if I am moving snow from one area to another.

2 hrs later, all the snow is pushed from one area to another. I rush back in and start again, but its too late, I've lost the groove and I go down in flames. It hurts, it hurts bad. Darryl Now- Pussy

Darryl THEN- I did finish the game on a different day, and I felt extremely proud of myself. Hey, look mom, I finished a game!!! She didn't care, was the driveway clear of snow?

Darryl NOW - I haven't played this game since back then. It had the feeling of its too hard to want to go back to play again or at least I think its too hard. Maybe I will go back and play it sometime and have all my memories destroyed. Perhaps its super simple and all the replaying does is make me think I was a absolute moron when I was a kid.

Darryl THEN- The game is great, I beat it and I don't ever want to touch it again because its too hard, I can't believe I finished it.

Darryl NOW- I want to go replay the game again and ignore what farty Mc fart pants is saying there.

I love the cut scenes with Kurt Russel and that guy from Crash, I never remeber his name, just that he was in that fucked up movie. Something Spader, maybe, someone knows.