Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why I don't want Capcom vs Marvel 2

So all this HoopBlah is out about Marvel vs Capcom 2 re-release with all new HD and online kickass mode. Don't get me wrong, I love Marvel vs Capcom 2, its a great game, I loved it.
But what was a big attraction for me on the PS2 version is gone in the new version. Sure its given a new look, new set up, and leader boards and it still has that stupid song in it, "GONNA TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE!!"

I'm sorry, I never liked that song, it seemed so wrong. Just like the SF4 song, whats wrong with people? People get to like it because they here constantly. You know what, that doesn't make it good song. The same thing happened to me in High school. My best friend would play these god awful country songs in his car and we would drive around on the weekends and listen to this horrible music over and over. You know what, if I hear one of those songs from his many mixed tapes, my brian goes,"yeah know, that's not half bad". I've been brainwashed!!!

So a little off topic! But one of the things I enjoyed doing in the Capcom series was unlocking all the characters and game art and extra colors, but now, its all done for you. So you can jump in and enjoy all the characters right away. Some love this, but for me....I enjoyed unlocking them.

The other big thing, its still the same game, the sprites are still the same, they still have the same moves, just HD. From what I've been hearing about online mode, only go on it, if you want to have your ass handed to you 40 times in a row. Talks that, its still better with a group of friends in a room.

Well you know what, I am perfectly happy with my PS2 copy, it plays on the PS3, it looks fine on the TV. Its not like I turn it on and I go,"GOOD GOD, that's horrible, I need to watch everything in HD because I am spoiled".

So I won't be buying the new version, I am happy with my old one. Thanks but no thanks!

This second video is what happens when normal people play online with hardcore people.