Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kung Fu Panda - Xbox 360

Games based off of movies are generally bad, games based of of kids movies are usually unplayable and geared towards the parent who knows nothing about animation or video games but thought the Zebra was funny when he farted. So when they see the video game counter part at the store, I think its more the parent who goes,"Ohh, wouldn't it be cute to see the skunk running around and jumping on things?!" So has a rule, NORMALLY, I don't buy games based off of movies for myself or for my kid. I do believe in good game play for adults and kids, just because kids like everything, doesn't mean you should feed them shit on a stick and call it Candy!

So Kungfu Panda came with the holiday Xbox 360 bundle. So my expectations were where they normally are concerning these types of games and I wasn't surprised. Normally games like this follow 2 patterns. Either the game follows the movie storyline to the letter, so there are no surprises has to what you have to do next or the main idea of the story remains, but they changed the content to make the game more gamplay friendly. There hasn't been too many games that get it right, but if I had to choose one, I would say that Spiderman for PS2 was one of the few.

Rather than go over the finer points, the gist of this game is...MRRPHHHHHH?!? add a shrug of the shoulders and rolling the eyes and you have kungfu panda. It doesn't follow the story line like the movie and when they finally get to the whole point of the movie that the power comes from within and not in a scroll, the message is delivered with the subtlety of an Epileptic trying to performing brain surgery with a jack hammer.BAH!!

The game wasn't bad bad, but by no means would I call this good. I would call this a studios attempt to cash in on a summer movie to a bunch of no nothing about video game parents who think that this video game will be safe for my kid because it was rated G in the movie theatre. There are tons of better games out there for kids, and its unfortunate that people buy into these games. Some people would say that these are kid friendly games, well YES..they are. But at least give them a good game to play and not some re-ash shit product.

Anywho, enough rant. The game itself, you play has a panda and he does kungfu, the controls are super simple and you can sit and beat the game in one sitting. You can play has the fearsome five, but they aren't much fun. The levels are what you would expect, no surprised. They changed the story line quite a bit. Its like if kids saw the movie and then told the producers what they would like to see more of," I WANNA SEE A BIG ALLIGATOR CHASE THE PANDA DOWN A RIVER"..."I WANNA SEE HIM PUNCH A GIANT GORILLA"..."I WANNA SEE HIM MAKE THE TIGER POOP HIS PANTS MORE!!"""

And BANG, you have Kungfu Panda, written by and staring kids who fart. Play this if you are stuck at home, with no other games and someone left this next to your machine and both your legs are broken. Maybe it will pass the time faster..maybe not


Here is the last fight in the game next to the last fight in the actual movie.