Monday, January 19, 2009

Violence in games doesn't matter??!! WTF

According to a study done by some eggheads someplace Blood and gore don't make video games more enjoyable. For one I never usually like studies because they really don't prove anything other than what the people set out to prove. Let me explain. I think people prefer bananas over oranges. Now I go out and find a bunch of people, tell them what the study is, put down a basket of old oranges with a basket of ripe bananas, and come to a conclusion like "well people ate the bananas so I'm right." I know bad example...

I know there's more to it then that but I do feel these studies are pointless and don't really prove anything. There are good studies out there though. Important ones that have to do with your health and how to fight disease. Why waste time on stupid studies?

If the article is true imagine games like gears of war, manhunt, and fallout without the gore. They're fun games to begin with but there's nothing more satisfying then blowing apart your enemy limb by limb. If that level of gore wasn't there the games would be a little less enjoyable: Fact!

This is not true for all games. A lot of games are fun and they get away with very little gore (battlefield, call of duty 4, etc etc)
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"We found that, on average, violent content didn't add to motivation for play."

Apparently they haven't played Manhunt. A game that "rewards" you for waiting for the exact right moment to strike. The longer you wait, the more gory the execution.

More pointless studies:

Exercise won't cure obesity - you mean if I run a block and stuff my face with cake it won't work?.... duh! They really needed a study on this?

You touch it you buy it - wow.... just wow

Cities with more fast food joints are fatter - hahaha duh

Most Facebook Apps pointless - they really needed to study this?

Something about longer fingers. - This one is a gem


Blake said...

I must say that a certain amount of violence for certain types of games do add enjoyment.

Example for me, is Mortal Kombat VS DC. Yes the characters get bloody when you punch them but The finishing moves are no where near the gore levels of older MK games with blood and guts being thrown at the screen. I miss that....(wipes tear from eye)