Friday, May 22, 2009

Pacroid Does The Curtis and Tara Show

I know this isn't game related, so I will make it game related.

1) I like games.

2) I like the upcoming Batman game.

3) This Curtis likes Batman, (although he denies it)

4)Curtis and Tara does a Podcast, where he talked about Batman the movie once.

5)The same Batman that I like in video games.

There, its linked, so no complaining.

This is what happens when I have to make my own Curtis and Tara shows because there was a dry spell.

A Great show about nothing and everything, Pacroid Approved!!!


Curtis said...

Oh My Shits!!!! that's fantastic!

Tara said...

Haha, OMG this is f@*kin' brilliant! I feel you have definitely captured the essence that is Curtis and Tara!!! You'll have to be #1 fan now!

rowen26 said...

I don't know the show, but it made me laugh!

Tara said...

Dude! Get to know the show! it's awesome!

Or search "Curtis and Tara" on itunes!