Sunday, January 24, 2010

PS3 Error 80010201 Update

So I took apart my PS3 to reconnect the loose WiFi cable. It was relatively easy to take it apart to get to this cable. When I got to the cable it wasn't in all the way. So I pulled it out and clipped it back in place and it was tighter. So I was certain that this would fix it.

Put it all back together and started it up and BANG!! Error pops up again and the same things are happening. So what do I do now??!! Did I not push the chord in far enough. I mean the ONLY SOLUTION I could find online was just that. Its the the Wifi chord, its not plugged in.

But what I would really like to know is someone from Sony to say, "Error 80010201 means THIS". Doesn't a number mean something specific?? Think how easy things could be if every problem came with a number to determine what the error is. It doesn't make sense that no one knows what that error number means, its all speculation and guesses.

What do I do now?, well I could risk taking the whole thing apart, fan, blueray reader and gut the thing so I reach the plug where the Internet cable goes plugged into, but since it doesn't recognize wireless I doubt that would do any good.

So my next option is to get a new PS3. So for now, my PS3 is out of commission and it will be some time before I can afford to get a new one. Then its the whole ordeal of transferring all my data from my old one to my new one. But since I have a 255 Gig in my old one, can't I just swap out the hard drives and everything would be OK???

I have alot to look into. It still plays games, it just doesn't recognize any wifi connections and every second time you turn it on, it freezes and doesn't recognize the controllers. I am Sooo disappointed with it, no machine that you pay $800 should crap out on you. My PS2 is still running and works just fine, no problems at all. All these NEXT gen systems can kiss my arse!!


Loner Gamer said...

Sorry to hear about your PS3. Don't buy a new one, send it in for repair. I believe it's cheaper to do that and you won't lose all of the extra features of the launch PS3.

Blake said...

I rather not deal with the hassle of sending it away, waiting for it to come back and then maybe( cause I have the BESTEST luck in the world with electronics) it might work but more than likey will just have some NEW messed up feature.

To send it away, the cost of fixing it is $250 plus shipping and handling. The price works out to a new PS3 anywho.

Anonymous said...

I had the same error. I managed to fix my PS3 by going to recovery mode and restoring the file system.

xpe said...

I have the same problem. What to do ?! Have you solved yours?

Blake said...

Hey XPE, if you continue to look through January post you can follow everything that i tried to attempt to fix it.

But to make a long story short, I called a guy who fixes PS3 in my area and he told me that if it recognizes the controllers, its not the wifi and is probable the mother board.( I tested the wifi cables, they work) Which is where the Ethernet port is located.(If you were wondering if it was the port that was broken, its connected to motherboard.)

To replace the mother board is something that sony won't do, they will just send you a new PS3 if its covered under warranty. So you will lose all your copyrighted saved data.(make sure you do a back up all your data on a external hard drive before sending it away)

Sony help told me that more often if its the motherboard, you won't get your old ps3 back, a new one will be sent to you.

In the end, warrent was long gone, the guy who fixes PS3 told me it be cheaper to buy a new PS3 then to find and replace the mother board.

So even though my PS3 60 gig Fat still works, it won't connect to the internet. So I went and got a 250 gig slim and gave the 60 gig to my son. He uses it to play his PS2 and my Ps3 games, hes quite happy with since a 11 year old isn't too concerned with playing online.

I searched for a whole month on this problem trying to fix it, I did everything under the sun. The problem is a hardware problem, its no resetting the system or recovery mode, something on the system simply went CAPUT.sorry to hear about your loss.

Anonymous said...

i had the same error message but i had 1 more error. and i fixed everything...
i got the controller to reconect and i got the internet back aswell. both wifi and with the cable.
i dont have a solution but i have a document that looks like a report on my computer if you wanna read it. and see if you have any use of it.
im swedish so my english is not that good ofc :P but the report are in english.

Blake said...

@anonymous _ thanks, that would be very helpful, since most help on the web is very sparse. Maybe a link to it, or I could set it up and make a link to it. Anything to help people with this problem would be stellar.

Just send it to the Pacroid email.


Rolocc said...

heyy!! i uploaded the report thingy to rapidshare :D

heres the link :

i really hopes this helps... or at least take a look at it.
im not lying when i say that i fixed it on my console. if something like that happens to me one more time, im going to make a video report insted :D

and beware ! my english is not that good :D so be kind hehe :P

Rolocc said...

i saw that one of the error message i wrote in the document was wrong :D

just have that in mind when reading it.

its further down in the document.

i wrote 80020102... stupid ass i am :D
what i ment was 80010201 of course :P

bye bye

Blake said...

Hey Rolocc, I don't know if you check back here anymore. But if you do, could you re upload the doc that you did with the ps3 error Fix.

Or email it to the pacroid address. I still get people asking for the fix and the link for rapid share is maxed out.

If you read this, please get incontact.

Rolocc said...

here is the link again.

but on rapidshare they say it can only be downloaded 10 times.
need a better place to upload on.
but when this expiers again just mail me or post a comment.
im getting emails every time anyone writes something here :D


Anonymous said...


Rolocc said...

here you go ^^


Anonymous said...

i need a better place to upload on my computer

Anonymous said...

Can you post the rapid share link again?!?

Blake said...

Unfortunately i don't have the original file. Rolocc does, and unless he checks back in to this particular post I have no way of getting a hold of him to repost it. Sorry.

Maybe he does check in? It is a old post though, so I wouldn't count on it, but who knows?

Good luck, sad to see that people are still having this problem.

Rolocc said...

YOYOYO!!! hey ppl!!
im always have an eye on you guys :D

ofc im going to upload it this time aswell :D
but this time im going to make a torrent of it and upload it on piratebay.

// Rolocc

Rolocc said...

hey again :D

i finally had a breakthrough on i how to make a torrent on piratebay....." I THINK " aleast :D

damn i suck at those things :D
im used to "download" not upload :)

but try download it now. heres the url for the download.

and should it not work, just contact me trough the PaCROID and ill email it to you guys instead.

// Rolocc

Jeff said...

Thanks for posting all of your info. It appears I also will have to buy a new PS3. I had the Error 80010201 on my 160GB, Non-backwards compatible PS3. When I opened the case, instead of seeing the Wifi/LAN daughter card, it was integrated directly into the motherboard. There was no small blue cable to reseat. All my researching on the net says that my only choice is to buy a new one.

If I'm missing something, please let me know. I am at my witt's end.

Blake said...

Wow, never heard of it happening to the new models, that is very disconcerning indeed.

Yeah, most all the help on here is for the older Fat models, sorry.

All the best to finding a solution.

Anonymous said...

I had this same error. My ps3 did the yellow light of death after COD. Side note, I think that COD is the cause of the overheating. Anyway, I fixed the YLOD myself and after my ps3 wouldn't connect to the internet, and my controllers had a hard time connecting. A month later YLOD again. I fixed it the same way and this time everything worked like the day it was born. A few months later YLOD again. This time it went back to sucking. I read a few things about updates and I wonder if that is the problem. I think it could be because there are updates for PCs that do the same kind of shit. Sony can kiss my ass.

Moe said...

i have had this problem since december 2010. my ps3 is collecting dust. back in dec 2010 i purchased a wifi board with the cord to replace the existing one. it did not work i keep getting the same error code. i then tried to rebuild the database and install the latest firmware (big mistake). now its stuck in an update loop and fails at 72%. 8002F1F9

screw sony

Blake said...

That sucks the big one moe. This particular problem seems to affect a small percentage of PS3 users. Its seems the be small enough that Sony seems it unnecessary to deal with the problem and try and find the problem.

Mine still works, but can't connect to the internet. I've taken it apart so many times to try and tinker with it, thinking I missed something from the last time I used it. Sadly no, its gone.

Moe said...

I GOT IT TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what is did.

i first removed the battery and shorted the circuit.

next i removed the hdd from my laptop and then put it in my ps3. i then went to the recovery menu. at the recovery menu i removed the laptop hdd and put back my original ps3 hdd. than i went to restore ps3 system. this will format your original hdd so the update loop will be removed. than i turned it off while it was restoring (not from the back!). after i went back to recovery and went to option 2 (restore default settings). after 2 minutes the ps3 wast restored and the sony logo and date, time came up. luckily my data was not deleted and my profiles were still there.

the only think is that i cant connect to the internet and the controller only works when plugged in but at least i have an os. and psn is still down so i can just play games offline. i will buy a replacement ribbon cable.

My ps3 had been bricked (dec 2010) and today (5 months later) i was able to fix.


Blake said...

@Moe - lol, that's great that you got it out of your update loop, congrats.

Unfortunately, its back to square one with not being able to connect to the internet like the rest of ours, sadness.

If you have any success with that, let us know.

Good Luck

Anwar said...

I am having the same problem. 80010201


I ordered the wifi/bluettooth ribbon cable and now only the controller is working using bluetooth. wifi is still dead

Anwar said...

btw i have the 80gb 4 usb ps3. I had given up back in november 2010 and i was about to buy a slim this week. i gave it one more try last week and ordered the ribbon cable (i ordered a the wifi card b4 but to no avail).

with the replacement ribbon cable, the controllers work fine now. i had to format the hdd on the ps3 though.

now im downloading the lastest update 3.61

Anwar said...


I updated it to 3.61 and at first the error 80010201 appeared. so i formatted again and now everything works!!. I also replaced the power supply unit to the aps-231 (was aps-226) and now im waiting for the thermal paste i ordered (ic diamond 7).

Also i checked the fan inside my ps3 and it has 19 blades rather than the 15!! I have the 80GB backwards compatible version.

Blake said...

@Anwar -Great News! Good to see people finally getting this to work. Seemed your solution was more involved than most. That parts you purchased, where they your standard PC parts, or Sony specific?

Jeremy Jones said...

Not sure if anyone is still having this problem, but i was just able to solve it on my 80gb fat ps3. i went through your forum and tried taking it apart and reseating all connections which didn't help. Before Christmas i updated to firmware 4.0 and it worked fine. my nieces and nephews played it all day. Turned it on yesterday after a month of no use and had identical problems. Controllers would only work when plugged in. Wireless was dead as well as the lan connection. After trying various things, i decided to redownload the 4.0 patch and install it from a usb flash drive. After reinstalling 4.0, everything came up and it's working. Remotes connect, wireless was able to find and connect to my access point, etc. Before trashing it or buying parts, it's worth the 20 minutes to download the latest firmware from Sony and reinstall it. Hope this helps someone!

Jeremy Jones said...

oh, and i was also receiving the 80010201 error message everytime i started it up. This has gone away also. Also to note, after correcting everything, i remembered something. After my nieces and nephews played it on Christmas day i remember seeing a message on the screen that it hadn't been shut down properly and that it was going to run a test. I let it run that day and it found no problems and i had forgotten all about it. Now that i have gone through this, it's possible that them shutting the PS3 down incorrectly caused some data corruption. Reinstalling 4.0 cleared it up even though the PS3 scanned and thought it was okay. Just wanted to throw it out there in case these problems followed an incorrect shutdown for anyone else...

Blake said...

wow..I don't know why I didn't think of downloading the update on a USB?..I honestly don't know why I didn't try think I would..that be like ,"lets see if its plugged in first?"......gosh..maybe I did try it?!...oh well, its been so long..I will give it a try and let you know what happens. I still have the PS3..its sitting in my sons room..he plays it. So Here's hoping this works. Thanks good sir.

Anonymous said...

I was just curious if the flash drive update worked for you Blake? I have a BC fatboy 80gig, and it got the yellow light of death roughly a month ago. Since I'm a big online player, with a large trophy base and many built up characters through varous games
(eg: my White Knight Chronicles 2 character has over 750 hours invested in him), I was fairly upset to find out that you simply can't insert your old HDD into a new system and pickup where you left off. So I, like yourself and many others, sat on the internet and forums for days researching possible fixes. Ironically before my system YLOD on me, I was completely oblivious to the fact that the PS3s had hardware failure similar to the 360s. I truly believed the PS3 was invincible like it's predecessor. To which I'm now somewhat amazed mine lasted as long as it did, considering I originally purchased it at launch, and through 6 years and 81 games later, I not only left it in an inclosed space, but I left it running for days at a time inbetween my 8 hour plus gaming marathons. I don't know the exact amount of time I've put it through, but I think it's safe to say well over 5,000 hours. I know from all the reading I've done, that alot of people are upset with Sony, for these sort of issues. But I've bougtht several 360s and a few of them have Gotten the RROD after only a 100 hours of gaming. I think the lifespan of my oeriginal 80gig, considering how much abuse I put it through is a real testament to the quality of the system. Anyways before I get too far off track, I realized that reflows are "Not" a guaranteed means of fixing the system, and temporary at best. Reballing is the best option for longevity, as well as replacing the fan and PSU as someone previously mentioned. This however has it's own set of problems, as it can be almost as exspensive as buying a new system, and problems can reslult like lifted tracers while removing the RSX or CELL chips, in which case your motherboard is then shot. So as most people stated it's best to buy a new slim, with better engineering (ie: fan on top instead of bottom, and a better PSU which doesn't draw as much power or create as much heat). Again my problem is transfering data between models. I've put far too much work into all my online gaming to simply start over. So I decided to reflow my old unit, to get it temporarily working, inorder to transfer data to the new one. I follwed one of the best DIYs I found, posted by a student in electrical engineering. This method inovolved baking the board for 8 hours at a low temp of 170f, to remove any moisture from the circuits, and to unflex the entire board to a more even surface (as most boards tend to be slightly warped after overheating issues), this allows the solder balls to seat more correctly during the reflow and hopefully prevents them from unseating in the future. Then I insulated all the key parts of the board that you don't want getting to hot during the reflow process, like the capicitors and usb, ethernet ports, etc, etc... The reflow worked beautifully, and my PS3 lived again, except now I get the same connection error that most of you are experiencing. And without being able to connect to the internet, I can't back up my data, perform a system update or deactivate my PSN account which is all part of the data transefer process. I'm going to try an udate and/or system reformat using the flash drive method mentioned above. Hopefully this works, and if not I'll continue to try looking for a solution. I'll post an update if, or when I do. Forgive me for the lengthy post, but as I've observed this seems to be a typical side effect of dissasembling the unit, which most people resort to when they encounter the YLOD. Hopefully it will serve to help someone with a similar problem. Also a big thanks to Blake and everyone else who has contributed on forums in regards to these issues.
VR, Law

Anonymous said...

Well the flash drive update did not work. I'm experiencing the same problem as Moe, except mine installs up to 99% before shooting me the 8002F1F9 error code. And mine too is now stuck in an update loop. It tried unsuccesfully 4 times before giving me a message to, turn the system off using the front power button, then disconnect the AC cord, wait 5 minutes and the system will resume the update process, if the same error code 8002F1F9 appears contact Technical Assistance. Well I have a feeling it won't work, and that I'll have to reformat it and see what other options I can explore. I am somewhat convinced this is a software issue, possibly corrupted data as Jeremy Jones suggested, as after my reflow I had a few issues getting the video to display, and during the process of fixing these issues the system frooze on me a few times, and I too recieved the improper shutdown message. Geeze what a hassel this all is. You know I'll be the first to admit I'm no electronics expert, and that most of this is all trial and error for me. But as an auto mechanic with a good understanding of OBDII systems, when I recieve a faulty code on a vehicle's electronic sensory equipment, I get a detailed code which points me to the exact area of malfunction on the vehicle, as well as a long list of possible causes and solutions. I will agree with Blake, that it is ridiculopus that Sony gives us a simple yellow light to encompass all possible hardware failures, and that there is no manual or place to research software failure codes.

Blake said...

YEah sorry my friend..the updating via thumbdrive didn't work. It wouldn't even Im still back to it not working.

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Its now 2013 and I still have the same problem with error 80010201; tried replacing the wifi board and the antenna along with cleaning the ribbon and additional parts with alcohol. Everything is snug tight but it still doesn't work. Curious to see if anyone ever found a solution or if I should just give up.