Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mahjong - I-Pod

I'd Figure I'd follow in Josh foot steps and do a interview with my girlfriend/fiancee (soon to be wife) Karyn about a game that she is currently playing. Mind you now, this was done when she was half asleep on the couch, so I had to make the answers out of mubbles and blurbs.

Me: What type of games do you like?

Karyn: Ummm..I don't know..puzzle games.

Me: What are you playing right now?

Karyn: Majong...on I-pod

Me: Why you playing it on a I-pod?

Karyn: Yeah.........Its portable, small..I'm sleepy..

Me: How does it play on the I-pod?

Karyn: Very limiting, cause you have to use the wheel, theres no up and down. The direction follows through on the wheel.

Me: Is the awkward control just related to Mahjong or all I-pod games?

Karyn: yeah...theres no up and down........

Me: Do your games make you mad, like my games make me and I yell at pixelated characters who won't respond to my controls?

Karyn: mmmmmmmm....Nnnnoooo.......sleepy...

Me: Do you think we are in over our heads with the flesh eating space monkeys?

(no answer, it was at this point I said, we finish the interview in the morning... morning. That was fast)

Me: What do you like about the game, Mahjong?

Karyn: Its simple, mindless and a distracting.

Me: What don't you like about it?

Karyn: Theres no suped up levels like in Peggle. Right now I am doing the Emperors challenge, where I do a bunch of levels that unlock more levels. Theres no special power ups.

Me: So its boring?!

Karyn: Some might care, but I don't. Peggle, now thats a fun game. I've played through that game 8 times now.

Me: Would Mahjong be better if you could shoot or kick the squares..AAAHHYAAAA!!!

Karyn: No....It would be better if there were more challenges.

Thats that. I don't play puzzle games. Karyn is more of a puzzle person. Life is a big enough puzzle for me, I don't need them in my games. Next from the i-pod, the talked about PEGGLE.
And to get people excited about Mahjong, I made a trailer for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks for the interview Karyn!


p.maestro said...

sweet trailer! i WILL be the first to topple!!! how do i get that on my ipod?

Blake said...

You download it from the I-pod store, any I-tunes has it I think.

rowen26 said...

Your trailer made me think: If you don't play Mah-Jong, you might DIE!!!

Very intense.

Blake said...

yes, infact.... your dead right now!!.......and you didn't even know it?!!!