Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Total Recall - NES

I figure I start a new title for game experiences. Games based off of movies. Maybe a TV one too, but I can't think of many games based off of TV shows. But we shall see. The First game based off a movie that I will be lookin at is Total Recall for the NES. I've never played this game when I was a kid,I only just played it for the first time last week and I must admit that I was surprised by it. Surprises arn't always good, but they can be entertaining!! Much like this game.

You start has Arnie, and hes all chest pumped in a green jumpsuit and punches like he has stick up his ass, jumps like some little girl skipping down the road and squats like hes getting ready to take it up the whoopsie daisy by some purple clad midget. Already I am enjoying myself:) Although you start out punching, you do get guns later on in the game, I was fine punching or shooting. Although punching bosses did take some time. But if this game taught me anything, "Don't give up punching , because eventually your fist will make them explode" A Great Life LESSON!!

The backgrounds later on in the levels were nuts. Theres this one level where everything is red, and it doesn't give you a clear indication of where to jump. So I randomly start jumping off ledges and hope theres something I am not seeing. And sure enough, theres little things sticking out of the BG that you have to be a idiot savant to see. The entire collision mechanics of this game is like that. Theres no clear indication of what I can and cannot jump on. So it comes down to trial and error. Lots of error.

But I was enjoying myself while I played this , BECAUSE it was so bad it was good. Surprises everywhere.I get to a part where a pyramid blows up and I sit and wait for the next level. BUT NOPE!!..I had finished the game......I finished TOTAL RECALL in 7 min and a bit. WOW!!.I've never finished a game that fast before. I wonder how much this game cost when it first came out? Well what ever it was, divide it by 7 and thats how much you paid per minute of game play. I think we all will be pleasantly surprised.

Did this game follow the movie. Well lets do some minor comparisons of movie to game.

1) Remember when Arnold was pulled into alleys by midgets in purples suits. I've seemed to have missed that.

2)And the fantastic battle where wieners where poking out of holes and slapping Arnie in the face and knees while he battles swat guys.I think thats a different game that somehow made its way into this title.

3)When he had to shoot a Drill machine till it exploded....GOOO ARNIE!!

4)I remember the part in the movie where Arnie had to fight off stray cats and dogs. Remember?!?.. it was right between the part where he pulled the tracker ball outta his nose and the end of the movie.Anyway, if you don't, they really captured that sequence really good in this game.

Of course there are little talking sequences that basically follow the movie to a T. Pretty standard for the time and movie based games. Although I remember I really liked playing parts from movies in games when I was a kid. Although its better when the game is better, but I do recall enjoying that sorta thing. A guy at work who sits across from me "Jaison", told me that he owned this game when he was a kid. His dad brought it back for him from Mexico. This game would be even MORE F'N AWESOME if the entire thing was in Mexican and Arnie wore a sombrero and instead of punching he threw chickens and threaten to sell your sister for a peso. I would give that game a 10 outta 10.

Sadly I can only give this game 3/10. I had fun with this game, even all 7 mins of them. But I had fun for the wrong reasons.


Generic Viagra said...

I think that it is so ridiculous to have created a video game based on Mr. Arnold.
Anyway, great review!

Nintendoheap said...

Lol, funny review, i enjoyed reading this. I've watched Total Recall and practically nothing in that game actually happened in the movie.