Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lock's Quest - Nintendo DS

Good lord, I've been stuck on this one DS game since October 2008. Is it because it was a long game(20 hrs) and involved and required 100 hrs?! Nope, it was just not that interesting added with the fact that I don't start a new game until I finished the one that I am currently playing.

I picked this game up because it had the E3 award for the Game of the year and it was $29.99. Not a bad price for a game of the year award. The game is different than most games and they keep giving you different abilities that make each level a little bit different.

The game is a top down, build your castle and defenses, set traps and wait for the horde of enemies to come. It also lets you con troll your guy, so its just not the castle defenses that are working. SO you can run around and hit and use your special abilities such has poison, freeze, lower power, etc. You can also repair your castle has it gets damaged and add power ups to your defenses.

Enemies are varied, a certain weapon for a certain enemy, nothing new there. Followed by a weird story line, that basically is Pinocchio, if he went to war to prove that he is a real boy. It just didn't offer enough to keep me interested. The same events would take place. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, set up defenses and keep back the baddies, you win, BLAH, BLAh, BLAH, set up,"""""" and so on. It gave different enemies and different abilities, but not alot, you had a total of 4 abilities you could use and 4 super abilities. Which really is not that many for a game that is this involved.

It would be like if you played a final fantasy game and all you could do was, hit, block, magic fire and heal. IT really didn't keep my attention and the story line was really boring, I found myself just skipping all the story, which I normally don't do. I'm glad that this is over and move on to something new.

Game of the year for E3, I feel that I can't give a rating on this game, all the reviews online are praising this game, everyone seems to really like it. I guess its just one of those freak games that, YES, everyone else likes it, but it just doesn't do it for me. "what the hell do I know..this game won an award"