Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shatter - PSN

So I got and finished Shatter which I got from the PSN. I wanted a game like this every since I seen snakeball, but people were telling me that snakeball was crap. So I saw shattered, heard a little good about it and got it.

Premise is simple, you got a ball that you bounce around and break bricks. Only this time around you can blow or suck the ball towards you or away. So it adds a nice new game mechanic to an otherwise old game mechanic.

I was really surprised that this is a fun little game. I turned it on and was just going to play it for 15 min but then 2 hrs later, I was trying to beat all the bosses. Yes, it has bosses to beat. I had a great time with this game , added the fact that it has leader boards so you can compare your scores to your buddies or some random loser who has 9 Quadbilldrillion points if you like that sorta thing.

It has 2 other modes, which is a bonus mode, where you have to see how long you can keep 3 balls going at once for 3 rounds. Get over 10 million and you get a nice little trophy. What sucks about this is, I got 10,600,000 points and got the trophy, but I was offline when I did get it. So when I went back online, it didn't upload my score, it still has the 9,800,000. So that's the score on the leader board. That sucks ballZ!! The big ones.

The other one is boss trial mode. See if you can beat all 10 bosses in under 10 min, you get a silver trophy. My current score is 23 min and change. This is nuts. The lowest I had on one of the bosses was 42 sec, the highest was the queen boss at 6 min and something. But if you look at the online leader boards, not many people have done this. This is just plain hard, and it should be a gold trophy, not a silver. Silvers are suppose to be doable. This game and SF4 are 2 games that got their trophy colors fucked.

So I really enjoy going back and playing it, if for nothing else but to see if I can beat the current leader on my friends list. Its some pretty good fun!