Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why I Went With Sony and not Microsoft.

Do I consider myself a fanboy? No, I like all the systems. When it comes down to it, I want to play games, so I will get the system to play the game.

But what started the whole process? Why did I get a PS3 when it first came out and not a 360?, Why didn't I pick up a Wii? One could argue it was too expensive to buy all 3 at once, which it was, would could argue about game selection, which there was, one could argue...well, you get the point, people argued.

But it comes down to it. THIS is the reason I got one over the other, its stupid simple.

Not because one has better graphics, not because one dies most of the time, not because the game library is better, not because one is cheaper.

I played the PS1 and PS2 for 10 years and I played the Xbox for 1 year when the new systems were released.

That's about it, I got a PS3 because I was familiar with Sony. I knew it better than Microsoft.

Yup, that's why. End of argument.


BeatFreaker said...

I have always used Sony since the PS1 made it's debut as well. I have always been 100% satisfied with my purchase of each of their consoles.

p.maestro said...

i also have always been a big playstation fan, owning the psx a little late in the game, but picking up a ps2 during it's first year, when it still 450$

but now after a hard day when i just want to crawl in bed with a wireless controller and relax with a game, while i have both the xbox 360 and ps3 at my disposal, i prefer the xbox...

to me, the only reason -- since MOST games are cross platform anyway, and the exclusives are more or less balanced -- has to be that i can check out what games my friends are playing so i can effortlessly pop into a game with them without the awkward formality of "what game are you playing? never mind, don't quit to play with me, i could really care less... honestly no no, i'm only going to be on for like an hour anyway..."

Blake said...

playstation shows you what games your friends are playing aswell. But it doesn't have cross game chat. Which the PS3 needs to get its head outta its ass and get on that.