Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My First MMO - Thoughts!?

So a friend of mine told about a MMO that he has been playing. The catch for me was the word, FREE to play. Kinda shitty, if I buy a MMO game and then a months membership and find out that don't like it. So the play it for free, is a great way to test new waters.

The game that my friend is talking about is Dungeons and Dragons Online. And yup, its free to download and play, where they make their money is with all the extras that real fans may want to experience. But for a first timer, what they offer is more than enough.

The game looks like most MMO's Ive seen and it starts with a pretty indepth character creation, and I mean indepth. If you have every played any RPG's with the pen and paper and dice and you are given all the specs of everything, such as "The door infront of you is made from a harden wood, strengthen with Morrow Magic - Door-SDC-15/magic save of %15" Now apply that to EVERYTHING. So there is ALOT to take in for the first time jumping into the world, I'm glad I was playing with a friend to give me hints and tips as to what was going on.

But I understand that like all RPG's, you get used to all this. So what I am saying is that, there is alot of details to objects/weapons/skills. You really have to watch what affects what and make sure your gear and skills compliment each other, otherwise you will be in for a more difficult game.

But in the end, I just didn't feel invested into the game. We got a quest, I don't even remember what it was, I just followed the arrows and killed and picked up stuff. At one point I was told "Don't die in a dungeon or you will lose XP". I really didn't care if I lost XP or if I left behind a item/armor/weapon, etc. I just wasn't interested in what was going on.

Perhaps its because I wasn't playing at my own pace, or the world in general wasn't interesting me. I mean I think of a MMO and all I think of is wizards and knights. Personally, for me: I am tired of that genre.I would still like to try DC Universe online or Starwars- The old Republic mainly because I like the material more.

But will the gameplay be the same? I just walked away from the game feeling bored, uninterested and thinking,"I don't see what all the Hoopblah is all about with WOW".

For my first MMO, it did not leave a very good impression on me. Perhaps I will try it again on my own and see if I feel any different about it. But I think its the being dragged along on a quest with a party that just makes me feel uninvested into the game and its that, that I don't like. Although playing a LAN game like I did in the past is different all together and I enjoy it much more.

Also we were typing, I much prefer talking on a mic. It makes the game a more enjoyable experience. Some of the most entertaining times I've had playing online with friends usually involved a mic. Had many a laughs playing Little Big Planet with friends.

So I guess for now, I won't cast my final thoughts. It was after all my first MMO trial, so I guess I will have to try others. But this doesn't make me want to go PAY for a better MMO game just to see if I feel differently about it, that's for sure.

Here is a trailer for D&D Online and I sure as heck didn't feel epic rock music when I was playing. So here is what I want you have to do, click play on the trailer and mute it. Then click play on the second video and listen to that while you watch the D&D trailer. THAT's how I felt while playing the game.


Nintendoheap said...

D&D ain't that bad for a free MMO.
I downloaded it last year on my laptop, but i got to much lag so i uninstalled it. That's nothing to stop you though :D

Blake said...

yeah, there was no lag when I played. I think the main point for me was I wasn't interested in the material, just tired of seeing dwarfs, wizards, etc.

Which is why I am still interested in trying the DC and Starwars MMO's

Big D said...

I never bothered playing D&D online for the same reason. The whole D&D fantasy setting never appealed to me that much.

Lord of the Rings Online is free now too and it's pretty good. But again it's more elves and dwarves.

To find an MMO you like you need to be really into the setting and story. Blizzard knows how to make an interesting world, which is part of what attracts people to WoW.

I played final fantasy online, because I really liked old school FF, black mages, white mages, dragoons etc. The story was good too, just the grinding was awful.

Blake said...

Really on the boards about getting DC universe, its just too much money to invest into something that I may end up feeling indifferent about.