Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yet Another Follow The Invisble Hand

Thanks to Edwards Shumps for showing me yet another video of scripted gameplay. This is the first time I came across or even heard of this type of thing in games. Though I shouldn't be surprised, I'm sure there are quite a few of these types of things that go on within games. But seeing as the first video was of some casual racer for family types to the hardcore BlackOps, is pretty shitty. BUT-this is the PC version, which I heard is almost broken with bugs. I want to try it now on the console to see if indeed I get the same results.

Its a pretty long video, I suggested watching the first min then jump to 13:10 to get the main point this guy is making.


pmaestro said...

you still have to be good at ducking i guess, cause i died a few times. poo D:

Blake said...

Ducking is for old people, are you a old person PAT!?