Monday, November 22, 2010

Is this Real?

These are the types of videos that I want to test out myself and see if this infact going on or if this is just fanboy videos. If its fake then it doesn't warrant any feedback, move on. If it is, then this is like finding Cocaine in my sugar.


Jay MacEachern said...

I would have to say it is real, no sharp turns and bright flashes of light in game appear on him at the exact same time. If someone was in fact controlling it beside him you would see the car turning and not bleeding into lanes.

We should rent it sometime and do our own research?

Edward said...

In today's world the game plays you!
I feel so proud to be a retrogamer you can't even imagine!

Edward said...

Darryl, take a look at this!

Blake said...

@Jay - We totally need to rent the kinect and have a night of mayhem

@Ed-That is amazing, its something that I never was aware of.I"m sure there are many other games like that if we look hard enough.i'm gonna repost that, thanks

Jay MacEachern said...

I'm down with renting it if it is available. Might be something that is not rented out though due to how fragile it is. We'll have to check it out.