Saturday, March 29, 2008

Children of Mana -Nintendo DS

I am so glad that finally finished this game. IT was so boring. You know its bad when the designer of the games don't put any effort into making the game diverse.

1) All the weapons and armor all looked the same and didn't change the appearance of your character, regardless of what type of armor or weapon you were carrying. Sword, bow, hammer, and flail. There you go,now add Hammer 93 Sword 58. ...exciting. WOW!..I just got the Golden douche gives me power of water and is 63 attack. But It looks just like my other sword.

2)All the worlds were poorly designed and all looked the same, except some had sand, others were white for ice, others were jungle. but they all had the same design. Now this wouldn't matter if you played through the ice world once and went , that was ok. But you have to go back to these worlds to do the smaller quest that you need to do to level up. Thinking that the world will at least have different paths to go through to get different items.. nope, its the same 4 or 5 levels just stuck on shuffle and you play through them at nauseam.

3) The game play is repetitive. I could look up from the DS, watch TV and keep pressing the attack button and the look back down and all the enemy's were dead. hack and slash, a Great thumb workout.

4) I don't like 95% of Anime and this game is well, Anime. So of course it has the weird story line of mana god and made up words (Tunestone and Marklepart)that don't make any sense and characters that I can't tell if they are female or male. The main boss in the game, I never did find out if it was a girl or a boy. You decide, I conclude its a chipmunk in disguise.

Over all, it was really boring, but because I believe in not starting a new game till I have finished one that I have. I played through the whole thing and boy was I glad that it was over.

The funniest part in the game was at the end when it asked me, "did you enjoy the game". unfortunately I couldn't give my answer in any form besides yelling at my DS.So the game went on so say, "you'll just have to wait for the next Mana Story".

no thanks, I'm done with Mana....

Written by: Darryl