Monday, March 31, 2008

Army of Two - XBOX 360

Army of Two for the X-box 360. This game had a good amount of hype surrounding it but fell a bit short on delivering the goods of a fun 2 player shooter. Not to say it wasn't fun, it was at certain parts of the game, it was just over all bland, and for a "shooter" the shooting was off and felt weird and broken.

When I first got the game I played 1 player. Big mistake. You really need two people to get the full enjoyment out of this game. You see, when you get shot a bunch you don't die right away. Instead the other player can drag your body to safety and revive you. This is fine on two player but on 1 player the guy that's supposed to save you is the CPU. The CPU doesn't drag you to safety, he drags you.... well... around... you know.... sometimes somewhere better but mostly just right into enemy territory.

Also I just ignored most of the story. It was pretty crappy and really uninteresting but enough of the negative...
So I stopped the one player game and called a friend over for two player. The game got a lot better. So for those of yous without friends- Don't get this game... avoid it. This game is way better with two people.... and some beer.
So lets re-cap:

1 player 6/10
2 player with a friend, some beer, and ignoring the story 7/10

So if you and your buddy want to get an okay game to play through, wait for this one to hit the bargain bin.


Blake said...

So what you are saying is that, if you are to rent this game, then they should be renting friends to go along with it?

andrew said...

Army of two is so good fighting game and we have to fight in Afghanistan against the terrorist.But bad news is that this games you can only plat in Xbox 360 playstation,you can't play it in the computer.

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