Monday, September 26, 2011

My 25th Platinum - Resistance 3

Every single trophy for R3 is offline. I guess they listened to the fans regarding R2, when they complained that getting the final trophy by getting 10,000 kills online was a little excessive. So instead of dumbing them down for those people, they removed them all together. Which I am totally fine with. I have to admit that most games that have online trophies are pretty insane to get. Mainly due to going up in ranks and reaching the high levels requires 20-30 hrs of online play.

I was disappointed with R3 online, with the lag issues and it feeling very COD arcadey. I prefer a slower pace online FPS. When I say slower, I mean in regards to movement, I rather get a kill based on skill rather than who can outrun each other in circles the first.

Overall, this game wasn't too hard to platinum. The ones that are going to give you trouble are the Juggler and Medusa trophy.

The Juggler you got to freeze, poison and catch fire one enemy at the same time and do it 4 times. The other one is to freeze 5 Grim's at the same time and make them explode all at once with the cryogun secondary function.

Again, I went to the Internet to find help and again I end up finding what works on my own by trying things that don't work that people propose. I'll do a more detailed post of exactly what I did to get these, because alot of these videos leave out details that can make these trophies really annoying to get, to downright easy if you know where and what to use.

With that nonsense outta the way and beating it on super hard, I got my 25th Plat. Its been awhile since I got one of these. Getting old.