Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PS3 Error 80023102 Fixed

From my last two(first-second)post about this error, I was still trying to figure out the whole mess and for once it worked it out when it comes to technology.

In this case, what Sony help fails to tell you, which would have been a great piece of information. If you recently deactivated and reactivated your PSN account. Then sometimes, they put a hold on your account from purchasing anything from the store.

Now this is just an addition to server maintenance problem, and the other stuff they mention on their help page.

So yeah, after 14 days. I was able to purchase things again. So I can only assume that it was what their guy said,"There's a hold on your account when you reactivate it".

Please Sony, add that tidbit of info on your website, it will save alot of confusion and frustration.

Well, its fixed now and for once worked itself out. Lets move on.