Monday, February 14, 2011

PS3 Error 80023102 Update

I went to the official Sony home page to type in the error code number and it reads as follows:

Cannot connect to the PlayStation network (i.e. signing-in, accessing account settings, trying to connect to a game online, accessing or purchasing from the PlayStation Store, etc) This may be caused by a scheduled maintenance or issues with the PlayStation Network servers.

If there is no maintenance to the PlayStation Network servers, please try to connect to the PlayStation network again.

If you continue to experience issues, you may need to troubleshoot your Internet connection.

I was able to do all the other stuff just fine, I just wasn't able to buy stuff from the store. So I called Sony Help (again, in less than a week)

After talking to him, I think that it would be a good idea to have this info on their website, so people aren't left scratching their heads.

If you recently had your PlayStation deactivated, then it may take up to 14 days before your account information can become active, including your credit card. I think this info would really help customers if they just write it up online.

The other thing he said, if after 14 days is up and it still doesn't work, then try another credit card.

If it still doesn't work, then I will have to abandon using my credit card to pay for things and will have to buy PlayStation gift cards instead.

And that's it. So I hope to monkey butts that its just the 14 day waiting period since I had my account deactivated, but honestly...I don't think its going to work. These things never do for me, its always seems to be the path of most resistance when it comes to me and technology. Sigh....nothing to do now, besides wait and see.


Edward said...

You know, when I started using PSN I was able to buy stuff with my CC. One day, out of the blue, the damn thing just stopped allowing me to use the CC. I tried everything, but it was useless.

Then I switched to buying those cards that give you $ to use on PSN. It's just stupid, I know. I overpay a little, but as of now it's the only way I can purchase online stuff.

Big D said...

Stupid Sony! I've never heard of a company that takes customers who WANT to give them money and physically will not let them.

It's like Hey, check out these pies, don't they look delicious? You'd like to buy one wouldn't you?? WELL TOO BAD SHITSTACK! You have to complete the 14 day pie waiting period then if we have any pies left you can buy one.

Mmmm pie...wait what was I talking about?

DJPimpDaddy said...

mmmmmm pie.

Too bad you are missing the free game giveaway on PSN right now. It ends in 13 days. : )

So let me get this straight, someone else hacked your account and they expect you to suffer for 14 days?

Blake said...

Makes abut as mush sense as trying the blue bow-tie until my milk likes it so much indeed between the far end of the Popsicle.

@Big D- Yeah, you think as they were looking at my account themselves that they could see I was a avid user of the PSN store. I mean I guess its a good thing in a way cause I won't be able to do impulse buys anymore. But you think Sony would want that revenue?....I guess they aren't so money hungry after all, ...I wonder if I write them will they give me money?

Blake said...

@DJ PimpDaddy - Yes, but they were adamant that I had given my account details to some friend who was trying to access my data. ( I called all 3 people who I game shared with, My Brother, BeatFreaker and Rowan- all 3 were doing no such thing.)

There was no getting through to them, only until they threaten to deactivate all the PS3's did I drop the subject of "Lets find the Hacker".

I have to say that Sony has some of the worst Consumer Help I have ever experienced, Just downright awful.