Sunday, February 13, 2011

PS3 Error 80023102

Since I had that incident with the game sharing and the possible hack and Sony clearing my account for me. Every time I go to purchase anything from the store, I get the 80023102 error.

As per usual, I went to the net to find the definition of the error and what it means and as usual the forums are about as helpful as monkey with a stick.

What I found out is not helpful at all and is all just speculation by random people at best.
The results are as follow.

1) Mine works fine - "Why do people feel the need to tell you that there's is working fine when you ask about a problem?"

2) Perhaps your credit card is maxed out? - " A legit question, but I just recently paid on it and even then it wasn't maxed"

3) Its a server error on Sony side and fixes itself - " Did Sony say this"

4) It means there's no money in your wallet - "No duh, it won't let me add the money Einstein"

5) Re add your payment details - " Did that, 3 times and still nothing"

6) Two guys said they called Sony, One guy said that Sony would call him back in 3-5 days and then he never reported back with the info, this was in 2008.
The other guy said Sony would look into it and it was left at that. That was in June 2010.

7) And my favorite one was a forum that started with a legit question and by the time I got to the end of the forum the conversation had resulted in who had bigger boobs, Wonder Woman or Batgirl?

So absolutely no help on the Internet with my first initial run through. Its either people with speculatory comments or absolute "the problem is this" but with no explanation how or why this happens or offer a solution.

Its all very annoying, but I plan doing my own search on this and hopefully offer some answers that others seem unable too.


Anonymous said...

I've been getting this same issue too. Any news?

Blake said...

Yup, just go here,""

Or do a search in the top of the blog for PS3 error 80023102 Fixed, takes you to the same article.

Besides the facts that Sony tell you on its website, what it doesn't tell you is, " Another solution may be is if you reactivated your account, changed account details, SOMETIMES it takes up to 14 days before it lets you access the store, inregards to purchases. After 14 days, mine worked fine.

hope this helps!