Saturday, February 12, 2011

Demo Day

I had a bunch of demos sitting on XMB so I figure I give them a go and clear up some space. I don't think it helped that I started playing these late at night, cause I was tired and didn't really take to none of them that well.

Fight Night Champion
I first started out with Fight Night Champion, I've played some boxing games in the past and figure I give it a go at least. I tried to play the game the way it was meant to be played with blocking and weaving and such and I lost. So I started spamming the punch buttons and still lost. I guess there is some finesse in the game that I couldn't find. So I deleted the game, I didn't find it fun, I didn't know what I was doing. Lets move along.

The Undergarden
A cute little game where you fly around in a side scroller world and collect pollen and make plants grow while solving puzzles. I could see this game appealing to some people for the style and music along, but for me it was another, move along I said, it was late. I wasn't too much enjoying anything. (note to self, don't play new games before bedtime.)

Tales from Space: About a Blob
This one has great style and I would say its like Katamari except its in a 2D side scroller. It had alot going for it, vibrant graphics, fun gameplay and all around a good time. I think this game be great to play for 10-15 min at a time. I say try the demo for sure.

This game is Tetris, except its on the PS3. Not much else to say really.

From the fine fellows who gave us Costume Quest, we have a great stylized puzzle game based on Russian dolls. I have to say that it was a great game to play, different and interesting for sure. Another one that I don't know will appeal to the mass, but for some. I can see this game being a great romp in the park.


Kelli said...

Stacking is so much fun, and often times funny. This is one of the best puzzle games I ever played... not that I played that many.

gnome said...

Ah, but how I wish us humble PC gamers had access to stacking. Even a demo would do...

Blake said...

This whole cuffufle came about when I tried to purchase PlayStation plus. I was going to finally give in and buy it and get stacking for free.

But I guess Sony doesn't want my money cause they are such nice people.