Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Killzone 3 - Helghast Edition

Fellow gamer "Beatfreaker" went and picked up the Helghast Editon for Killzone 3 which came with some pretty kick ass loot. Me personally, I never was into special edition boxed editions, but I will admit that this one is pretty kick ass.

It comes with a Helghast helmet that looks awesome and can fit on your cats head or a baby if you feel the need to see it on a human's head. It comes with art booklet, a figurine of the sniper Helghast and codes for all kinds of stuff.

You get a classic multiplayer map from Killzone 2
You get 24 hrs of double XP - Jay, if I were you. I wouldn't leave the house for 24 hrs.
You get the soundtrack to Killzone 3, I very much enjoyed the Killzone 2 opening theme.
Behind the scenes making of the game.
Dynamic them and avatar
Fast start kit with early access to weapons and such.

The double XP and map are my two favorite things. Its a pretty good deal if you ask me. Though it will set you back $150......but think of your cat with this kickass helmet. No one will mess with him again.


Kelli said...

It looks like it is worth more, to me that's a pretty good deal.

Blake said...

Its a great deal, and a HELMET FOR YOUR CAT!!! who can say no to that?!