Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tetris on Gameboy

This was my first game that I played on the Nintendo game boy, and I think for most of us, it was the first game we all played on the game boy.

Also, being one of the first real puzzle games that I played, I remember not knowing what I had to do. Theses blocks don't fit together, why are they giving me that shape? It doesn't fit. Why would you give me a block that doesn't fit?I need a long piece and you give me a a curvy piece, are you even playing the same game as me Mr block giver?!!

Needless to say, those were my initial thoughts on it. That and if I turned the system too much to the left or right I wouldn't be able to see the screen. I don't remember if this was a system flaw or if my batteries were just dying.

But for its time, I guess Tetris was a great little time waster, probable one of the first play for 10-15 min time waster...these days, time waster games make up 99% of the mobile and facebook games. Great thing you did there made us all have short attention spans.


riotpatch said...

Tetris is the quintessential puzzle game. Tetris DS is my favourite Nintendo iteration and I'm excited to see what Tetris 3DS will be like.

Blake said...

I'm wishin and prayin upon a start that I have to wear 3d glasses when I play it,lol