Monday, August 9, 2010

The Silver Lining - Episode 1 - PC

So about a month ago, the first episode of the unnoficial sequel to the old King's quest game came out.

Here is my original post about it.

Well, I've played it and it took me all this time to decide how I feel about it. It's hard to quantify.

The thing is that this is a fan project, so it can't be judged by the same standards as a professional game. The people who worked on it was for the love of it, not money. No one got paid to work on it. And just that is a HUGE argument. And honestly, it looks pretty wicked for non-professionals. The backgrounds are familiar, even with their transition to 3D. They feel right.

What I had a bit of a problem with was Graham's walk cycle. It's too stiff ... which wouldn't be an issue except that it's what you do for the most part of the game, walking around with the character. The models look great though and the incidental animations are impressive. Except for a certain scene where the animator is a little too liberal with the lip movements...

I think my conflict with this episode is that it is VERY short, about 30 - 45 minutes. There is so much animation and plot exposition that barely when you feel that the game should be starting, it's over. You spend most of it in cutscenes, setting up the storyline and giving some background info on characters. I was actually surprised. So that was a bit of a let-down. But not really ... it's hard to describe.

My feelings are disappointment, but not in the straight sense. Not because it isn't good, but because it STOPS when it's getting involving and I want MORE! So that's a good thing. The game's scope is impressive, the story engaging and I just wanted to keep playing.

I would almost want to wait until all the other episodes are out so I can play it straight on ... but who knows how long that will take. And I can't wait!!

I want to know how the story unfolds.


Blake said...

You want to know how it happens and can't wait. I will tell you what happens.

A giant Meteor fly's from they sky killing everyone including the dinosaurs. When the dust settled, Christianity was formed.

There you go, story ended.

rowen26 said...

I wouldn't have thought that. Thanks for clearing that up!