Sunday, June 27, 2010

King's Quest IX : the Silver Lining - PC

Extraordinary news!! I'm very excited about this!

The Silver Lining, the unofficial sequel of Sierra's classic series King's Quest has been green-lighted by Activision and will see the light of day!

This project has had a very tumultuous run and that for 8 years!

It is all fan-made and was meant as a fitting close to the King's Quest series after the last effort, KQ VIII, which is debatable weather it was even canon. It featured a radical departure from the series. You don't play as any member of Daventry's royal family (who only make cameos) and it's a 3D action oriented as opposed to the proper story-based adventuring. I personally was very disappointed by that game. I grew up with KQ and it holds a very dear place into my heart. Even with it's faults and shortcomings, going back to it a few years later.

But this game was to bring it back to its classic roots.

Unfortunately, Vivendi that bought Sierra was none too cooperative with the idea. And even though a non-commercial permission was agreed on, it was nullified by Activision later purchasing Vivendi and putting a halt to the entire project.

It seemed it was doomed, but behold!!! The gods of gaming have been clement and Activision has agreed to release the game! So starting July 10th, we will be able to PLAY IT!! And since this is a fan-made game, it will be for free!! It's episode-based and the first one should be up!

This game has had an amazing journey and to me, it looks fantastic considering that the people who worked on it did it for no money, on a voluntary basis. I even did a couple of character designs for it way back a few years ago. No idea if they'll make it into the game, but I am excited to play it.

About a year ago, I tried a demo for it and I can say that it was impressive. I certainly am looking forward to it's release and will be playing it when I get the chance! The demo has been taken down since then.