Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Death Spank - PSN

I played the demo to this and immediately knew I had to buy it. Its funny and quirky like a Diablo cartoon with little tidbits thrown in here and there. But what I found out from listening to other people are 2 things. People either hate the game or really like it. I fall into really liking the game.

I like it for all the reason that others hate it. I enjoy all the side/fetch quest, I enjoy the dialogue, I like the story, the game play. It just happens to be a type of game that I really like. But the good thing is that you don't have to spend money on this title to see if you like it or not. Just play the demo, the demo gives a good idea of the type of game that it is. If you like the demo, then you will enjoy the game as well.

Its made by the same people who made Treasure of Monkey Island so the writing in this is great. I love the voices ,which is something that others don't like aswell, Saying that DeathSpanks voice gets on their nerves after awhile. But I enjoy the over the top overacting that he displays. In fact most people have the same bravado that DeathSpank has, and I love it.

The thing that I don't like is that there is alot of talking, where some of it is relevant and some of it is just nonsense. But, if you want to skip it all ,you can. You may miss some tidbit of info in regards to where a location of something is or how to get a certain item. But don't worry, if you miss it, the game offers you hints in the form of fortune cookies. So if you are stuck on a quest, use a fortune cookie and it will give you 3 hints has to where something is or how to do it. So you will never get stuck or lost, like in some other games.

That being said, I did get stuck on one quest, but that is because I am an idiot and can't read and no one else should worry about doing the same. So move along people, move along.

It has a upgrade system, weapon system, items, magic. Its all very well done and does not slack off and become repetitive at all. I never once said, "this sword again,but now its green." It did a great job of keep variety in its weapons and armor.

It even offers a co-op function. Someone else can jump in and play Sparkles, a wizard that can help out DeathSpank. But he should be played just as a support character and nothing else. You both share the same life bar so having both of you run into battle just results in the life bar going down faster. DeathSpank is the tank and Sparkles is the guy behind DeathSpank healing and throwing in support fireballs.

The second character can't level up or wear armor or any of that. He gets 4 moves and that's it. He truly is a support character and should be played as this or other wise you are going to have a frustrating time sharing a life a bar.

If I have a one complaint, and this is something that I myself didn't see but have experience with other games in the past. If you play this on a SD TV, then you are going to have a hard time seeing all the small details that are going on. Reading stats, inventory, etc. Its really going to be a pain in the ass. The game was made with HD in mind. So SD TV's are going to make the game less fun for sure.
For $14.99 the game is quite long and very satisfying. I ended up finishing 116 quest, most of those are side quest. By doing those you get better armor and weapons so its well worth the effort, but you don't have to do these to finish game.

I won't spoil the ending, but it looks like DeathSpank is something that we are going to see more of and I can't wait to play it.


Kelli said...

OMG I'm playing Deathspank too! I too love side quest games so I automatically bought this after I played for 2 min. Your right there is alot of irrelevant information but sometimes I click on other options just to be funny, lol. But I'm puzzled on how to beat these unicorns, right now I'm just running past them.... any advice? thx.

Blake said...

You can only really beat them when you reach level 18-20. Anything below that and you are just asking for a controller throwing experience or lots of hit and runs. More than likey, lots of death. But if you can kill them, they are worth a ton of experience points. I used the unicorns to level up from 19 to 20, it took about 10 min to do.