Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Old-School SCUMM Games - PC

For the past week or so, I've indulge myself with a hefty piece of nostalgia gaming, mainly known as SCUMM.

That game engine was developed by LucasArts in the late 80's. It stands for Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion, and was as it's name implies, created for Maniac Mansion. Lots of classic games from that era used it or some variation of it.

Well, I find I'm having trouble going through these games. Which is surprising because most of them I remember finishing and there was no Internet back then. How come I finished them, without FAQs or walkthroughs?

I'm still having a lot of fun, reliving memories and remembering games. But I do get stumped constantly! I've lived more now, so I should be able to figure out puzzles easier. But no! And it's frustrating! I should KNOW these things.

I even went through the Sierra ones with TEXT PARSER! And I did them. Now, playing their remakes with point-and-click only, I get stumped! Where do I used that darn fence post, huh? TELL ME GRAHAM!!!

Did my brain go mushy?

It is impressive though how the artists working on these games did visually, with very limited colour options, especially before VGA (256 colours) came along.


YAGRS said...

I liked the old point-and-click adventure games, but the only one I can remember ever playing through was Full Throttle. I have the Monkey Island remake on my 360, but I have yet to get into it.

rowen26 said...

Yeah, I played through all the classic Monkey Island games, except the 4th one when they made the jump to 3D and it took away the chamr, I felt.

I tried the demos for the remakes and it wasn't all that appealing to me. Something about the new style doesn't quite sit well with me. Makes me itchy.

YAGRS said...

You can play the game with the old graphics, if you choose. However, if you already own the originals there doesn't seem to be a need to rebuy it just to play it on a current console.

I always wanted to play Loom. It was one of the Super CD games I had my eye on . . . if I were to ever get a Super System 3 card for my TurboGrafx.