Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spiderman Shattered Dimension Costumes

So with all 4 worlds revealed in Shattered Dimension, they release images of alternate outfits that you can unlock within the game. The one that I really wanted to see was when Spidermans powers started to mutate and he turned into a walking spider. Its very different than all the other looks, makes him more animalistic than human.

Scarlet Spider
The clone of Peter Parker, apparently a embarrassing storyline in the 90's than disappointed many fans.

Iron Spider
Tony Stark made Spiderman a suit of armor with all neat little gadgets when Spiderman revealed his identity to the public during superhero registration.

Manga Spiderman
I've seen images of this guy, with spikes on his hands, are they for griping, does he have powers? I don't know. But his is one instance where Giant Eyes on something looks normal.

Negative Zone Spiderman
The opposite of Positive Zone Spiderman. I don't have a clue here, help yourselves to what ever story seems to fit.

Spider Armor
Not only can Peter Parker have remarkable powers. He is a great seamstress and blacksmith. He made this suit of armor (again in the 90s) because he was tired of dodging bullets. ;)

The Cosmic Spidermen
These next 4 costumes you can only get if you pe-order the game. Since I never heard of any of these Spidermen an they all look a little silly. It be safe to say that I won't be getting these. But I am getting this game second hand anyway, thanks to Activision.


Big D said...

LOL at the one that looks like a smurf.