Monday, August 9, 2010

Super Street Fighter 4 Online

Well I finally tried my hand with online battles in Super Street Fighter 4. Set my title and Icon to something non threatening and tried the various new modes that they had to offer. The first thing I tried was endless mode, that's where people actually line up like in the Arcades to take turns to take on the winner.

Did I miss something? this is just as stupid as PS Home where you have to wait to play one of the arcade machines or get inline to play pool or bowling. I read that its suppose help create a better online community with people sharing tips on the best techniques on how to play a character.

Well, this particular match had 6 people in it and no one was talking. The one match where there were 2 guys talking, they kicked me from the match. So I have to say EPIC fail here. By the time my turned rolled around I hastily got my ass handed to me and I had to wait 5 more turns to play again. This sucks, so I went on to more instant action.

I tried to do team match but couldn't find any matches and said screw it and went back to what the original had , Instant Action. Well that's great Capcom, add new features, one doesn't work and the other has to be the stupidest idea ever. So on to instant matches, I got into a match just fine and who is my opponent, well its none other than Ryu! Ta Da!! Infact the next 5 matches in a row with different people were all Ryu. Are their machines broken? Can they only select one character?

Of course I died instantly, it was like getting held down by some fat kid and being slapped in the face, I couldn't even move.

I then realized I could change my search options to only select people of my skill level. Now we are talking, I didn't know they had a retarded skill level. But low and behold the next 3 matches were all little beginner Ryu's in training. I mean COME ON!!! There's a ton characters and new ones and you choose Ryu.

Its like a FPS where everyone chooses the Bazooka for their weapon. With my 3 matches here, I choose Zangeif, Adon and E.Honda. Surprisingly I won all 3 matches, but what this does is give you points. So I guess the game assumes that now I have points I am skilled enough to be removed from the retarded league and start playing with the big boys.

No.......Boom, new match. OH, look who it is, its another Ryu. He was a little harder this time around but I managed to kick his cloned butt. But that would be the end of it all, the matches just got harder after that and I quickly found myself playing higher ranked people and getting my ass handed to me in a jug.

What I don't understand is why do they all choose Ryu or Ken? I enjoy going online and playing a character I am not familiar with and seeing what I can do with it. How much fun is it for everyone to choose the same character over and over and over and over?

So to help with this dilemma, I figure I look to Game Fudge and ask Big D, "What do you think goes on in a Street Fighters Player mind when choosing a character to fight with, Particular what do you think Jaison is thinking?"

To help demonstrate my online fighting matches the other day, inspired by Game Fudge I made a chart to show who I fought online. I would like to say, "No, I didn't fight mostly Ryu's and Ken's cause that's kinda of pathetic, but then I be a bold faced liar"


Kelli said...

"retarded level" that was hilarious, lol. Don't worry I'm on the retarded level too. And I so agree with everybody picking the same character. That's why I don't do fighting games so often because you play against the same character and it gets boring fast. There are tons of other great characters, why don't people leave their comfort zone and try to master another character. I think that is what a true player would do.

Edward said...

I guess I was lucky when I tried online SSF4 fighting for the first time. I had to fight Zangief, M. Bison and Sakura. Won 1 fight, got beaten by Sakura almost to a perfect.
Still gotta try some of the new characters myself though.

Blake said...

@Edward-Yes, we should meet up online and see who is the true Lizard Queen!!! I mean...errr....errrr......How's that local sports team?!

Edward said...

If you're online today or tomorrow night we can fight some rounds, Darryl. I'll make sure to turn on my PS3 (after weeks, hahahaha).
I just don't have a mic yet, so unfortunately we won't be able to talk!

Big D said...

Haha great post! And I had pretty much that EXACT same experience on xbox live.

What gets me about street fighter is you got to stick to only 1 guy and learn all their combos, timing, beat their trials, and then fight everyone using only them. Then you might be good enough to fight a normal skill level person online.

There's like THIRTY FREAKING CHARACTERS in the game!! Why do you have to restrict yourself to ONE to do good? I have A.D.D. I need to try ALL the characters damn it. It's way more fun than 2 guys sitting in the corner launching fireballs.