Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Xbox 360 or PS3

I wrote a article on this way back in the blog and looking back on it now. I don't entirely agree with myself. Mostly I really want to stay away from fanboyism, its the games that matter for a true gamer. I have done a complete flip flop.
Recently a co-worker is going to purchase his first next gen console, he wants to know if he should get a 360 or PS3. Obviously you get different answers depending on which fan boy you ask, each painting the other system in a negative light.

So here are my thoughts on helping to move this decision along.

Both systems have wide selection of games that they both share. But its the exclusives that set them apart. All of the exclusives are great games and you be doing yourself a disservice by not playing them all.

Xbox 360 - Left 4 Dead, Halo, Gears of War, Fable, Dead Rising, Portal

PS3 - God of War, Little Big Planet, Killzone, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Ratchet and Clank

Now these are just a few and some of them are in talks to cross over to be on both systems, but for now they are only on the one.

Some games look better on the other system depending on the game. It usually happens when a game is built for one system and then ported over to the other. But these differences in graphics are so minor that unless you are a HARDCORE graphics gamer, then this really shouldn't affect your decision.

Some of the biggest offenders of this is Bayonetta. So I use Bayonetta has a template for graphics comparison. Here are both of them next to each other, is the difference really that bad that it would make someone(who is not a fanboy or graphic whore) say,"Wow, just look at the difference here, its criminal. I would not be able to play that game on that other system" So if Bayonetta is one of the more drastic comparison of quality of graphics, we really don't have much to complain about.

If you want hard numbers, the PS3 has more potential to put out better graphics but when it comes down to cross console games, there's not much of a difference.

Hunt around, sure they have both have their official listings. But if you really want to find a good deal, then wait for a bundle pack or look for one on Amazon or Ebay. You can find a good price for any system if you are willing to do the work.

But most people are there for convenience. I want my system now, I don't want to hunt around.

So for now you can get a Xbox 360 for $199 and a PS3 for $299. They both have different bundles with a increased storage from 120 Gig to 250 Gig and some come with a selection of games and extra controller and what not.

If you want to increase your storage, I know its pretty easy to do with the PS3 and the 360 is little more involved, but doable. I don't know if the new Xbox slim makes it easier for people to swap hardrives.

They both have a store where you can buy a wide selection of games. From the classic arcades to old retro games. Again the selection varies with the system, they both have their gems and they both have their glowing overpriced turds.

They also offer movies,TV and a bunch of other stuff that I don't really use. I use it for games, sorry. I can't comment on the other services, since I don't use them.

Sony has Home, which is just horrible. I don't get the premise of Home, I guess if you like 2ndLife then I guess you would like Home. That's what I really want, to stand in line in a virtual world to play a virtual game.(shakes head)

I don't know what xbox 360 has that would be the equivalent of an embarrassment of HOME, nothing I don't think.

360 has cross game/party chat. So one guy could be playing L4D and another COD4 and they both can talk to each other, its a pretty cool feature if you want to chat it up with a buddy while you play. Makes it easier to meet up online and set up a common game aswell.

PS3 currently has the type texted messages, which is a pain in the ass. But once you get into the same game online than its all good, chat away. This November they have said that they will be releasing cross game chat for the PS3 has well and for free. How well this system will work is a different story all together.

The Biggest difference here with the two systems is PS3 is free and 360 is a monthly/year subscription. This is possible one of the biggest arguments you can have with a Xbox owner. All are shouting the same thing. Xbox online is so much better.

Well I can't say one way or the other. I did enjoy the times that I was cross gaming chatting on the Xbox but I never played a online match with other players on the 360.
What I can talk about is my experience with playing with up to 60 players online with the PS3. It works well. I get online and I chat and I play.

Sony will be offering a paid subscription much like Gold members get from the Xbox. I think this would only interest hardcore fans and not the average gamer. But it remains to be seen.

Preference is what it boils down too ultimately.
Xbox 360 is defiantly a more comfortable controller for playing First Person Shooters and the PS3 controller is much more atoned for Fighting games.
There was a booth at this E3 that is promoting 360 controllers for the PS3 and PS3 controllers for the 360. So now you can have the best of both worlds.

Then both have a multitude of options for viewing/streaming movies, music. The PS3 doubles has a Blue Ray but has lost its backward compatibility with the PS2 (big loss in my book) Xbox is more PC friendly which makes sense(They are both owned by Microsoft) and is backwards compatible with some of its Xbox 1st gen games.

What is your favorite game? If it is Mario, then buy a Wii, if it Halo then get a Xbox, If God of War does it for you, then get a PS3. It really depends on what you want to use it for. But in the end I got my first system because it was what I was used too and it was my personal preference.
Today they are pretty much have their pros and cons and even out rather well.

Do yourself and favor and buy both.


Edward said...

I agree, buy both of them. However, if I only had the money for one, I'd get the PS3.
The idea of having to pay more than what I've already payed for the game to play it is just bogus (not that I'm an online player, because I'm not). And PS3 FREE online gaming has worked flawlessly so far.
Only get the 360 if you're a shmup fan. Like me. Hehehehe

Big D said...

Great unbiased look at both systems. I own both and even though the PS3 had a shaky start and the 360 liked to shit it's pants and die every few months, both have really come into their own.

Now you really can't go wrong with either system. I do a lot of online gaming and the party system, private chat and overall ease of communication that Live offers makes it more than worth the price to me.

PS3 games still run great online though and hey you can't argue with FREE! If they ever get private chats working I will play many more ps3 games online.

Jay MacEachern said...

I agree with you guys completely. I have played both and definitely enjoy my experiences on the Playstation platform better. Perhaps my initial experience played a part with annoying 13 year old multiplayer of Halo and a RROD when I finally started getting into Bad Company 1.

The biggest misconception with graphics is that all of these cases involve Xbox being the lead and Playstation becoming the port, which as you can see carries bad results. Sega is looking to avoid this issue by making Playstation the lead platform for Singularity.