Sunday, February 22, 2009

PS3 VS XBox360

I've only played a handful of games on the Xbox 360 since having it and the main reason for me getting this was to play games that won't be released for the PS3. Games such has Gears of War, Mass Effect, Left for Dead, Dead Rising, Halo just to name a few.

When the systems first came out, most people I knew all picked up 360's because it was $100 cheaper and the PS3 really didn't have any stand out games. But since I got my 360 andstarted playing games on, the choice over which systems is better seems pretty straight forward to me.

In the beginning if you were to pick up a system solely based on game library, then one should know its only a matter of time before the other systems has its own roster of great games. So having both systems to play system exclusive games is a great way to get around that.

Beyond that this is what I noticed , just based off my own experience about the 2 systems.

1)Tonka Sturdy.Every person I know who bought 1 gen, 2nd gen and even 3rd gen systems of the x-Box are all on the 2nd and in some cases 3rd X-box!!! WTF!!! Could you imagine if Nintendo back in the day had to replace 90% of cosumers systems because they kept crapping out. They be outta business and the consumer simply wouldn't put up with it. "Oh yeah that Nintendo system where you play for 3-4 months and the systems dies, I've heard of that!! ..that's pretty shitty!!"

If I paid $500 for a first gen system, I sure has hell hope it would last more than a few months.
Then sending your systems back to the company and waiting a month or two to get a new one, have that one crap out on you and then send it off again the 3rd time. I think having it crap out on me the first time would've been enough for me. Screw this I'm going somewhere else, Wheres NEo GEo?!

Knock on wood, I am still playing my 1st gen PS3 with no problems.

PS3-1 360-0

2)Online.You have to pay to play online with the xbox. The PS3 is free. FREEEE!!!!! IT cost nothing to go online to play with friends, its FREEEEE!!!!. Yes I've heard the argument from friends that, the xbox servers are set up to be gamer friendly,(what ever that means), but you have to pay $59.00 a year to play online. The PS3, FREEEEE. I really don't think there's a difference in playing online with 360 and the PS3, everyones argument with me, is that the xbox has a great online setup to playonline. "What the hell does that mean?!

I can play online with friends on the Ps3 with great games and its fine. Resistance 2 I can play with up to 60 people and it runs fine, a great time for all. I think its the xbox 360 guys just trying to find a way to justify paying $60 a year to play games online. And this leads into the next point, if you pay every year that you have the xbox 360 to play online and the average life of new systems is 8-10 years befor the next gen system comes out. Then thats $480-$600 extra that you put into the system. PS3, $0.00000 Extra. I don't know, but the choice there's is plain has day.

PS3-2 Xbox-0

3)Price, yes the xbox generally is $100 or some cases $150 cheaper than the PS3. So for the average person looking for a system, all they see is,This one is cheaper. But for gamers, I think they should take a closer look.
From my last point, if you pay $300 for a xbox and then pay have to pay for the online gaming. Already you have paid 3 times the cost of the machine. The PS3, you pay $400 and no extra to play online.

Then all the extras that come with the ps3, it has a built in Wifi. The 360 you have to buy separate, so that's more cost added to an already growing total. And although I could care less about the bluray thing, it has that. But in my opinion if I wanted a blueray player, I just go get one.
This is one thing about the Ps3 that I think they could get rid of and help reduce cost. But that being said, just because the xbox is initially cheaper, its not the better buy.

Ps3-3 Xbox-0

Although the ps3 hasn't really taken advantage of its power, MGS 4 the exception. It has the potential to really shine here. My last few games that I've played on 360, mass effect especially, had dropped graphics. This is where I would run up to something, or a cut scene would happen and the graphics would pop in 2-3 sec later. It happened alot with the games i played.
I have yet to see this happen with Ps3 exclusive games.

PS3-4 Xbox-0

5) Library
The Xbox has the upper hand here, which is why I think it outsells the Ps3. It simply has a better selection of system exclusive games. The PS3 is slowly coming around with great games of its own. But the Xbox had some great games right from the start. Its only a matter of time, within in a year or 2 that it won't matter. They will both have a great selection of games.

PS3-4 Xbox-1

Here is the biggest difference between the two. I can play my Ps3 with my wireless controller and if the battery starts to die, I can simply plug it in with my wire and keep playing although it is very short like 3 ft, but it is still usable, where once the 360 batteries go, you HAVE to go buy something else.The Xbox has a battery pack. So when the batteries die, you can buy more batteries,($6.99 which they say a set of batteries will last 30-50 hrs depending on brand) or buy rechargeable batteries along with a battery charger (I bought the rechargeable batteries and charger kit which cost me $27.99)or buy a battery recharger pack that you can plug into the system and then into controller($19.99)

PS3-5 Xbox-1

So I got a xbox, that I paid $300 for, I paid an extra $600 over the past 10 years to play online with my friends. It died on me twice, so I had to deal with the hassle of sending it away and getting it fixed or replaced. A cost of playing on wi-fi will add another $69-$99 to my total. The batteries died eventually so I bought a charger kit and rechargeable batteries $27.99
Bluray eventually replaced DVD so Had to buy a bluray player which is $150-$300. But the selection of games are really great and they look great when the graphics arn't being dropped. And all I had to pay to play all this was $1146.99-$1326.99

I picked up my first PS3 for $400. The games for it when I first got it were pretty skimpy, but they got better has time went on. To play online is free and can play with up to 60 other players and has no dropped graphics. It has a built in wi-fi if I choose to use it or not. Eventually if blueray becomes standard the same way dvds replaced vhs, I will already have a built in blueray player. And all I had to pay to play all this was $400

Overall, its the base price of the arcade bundle that parents and nongamers see when they look at both of the systems. So yes, 360 are going to move more units(hehe, I said Unit!!) For me its a stand alone choice of what systems is better, both in cost and playability. So with that being said, Josh, go get a Ps3!!!, its about friggin time!!


Josh Rodgers said...

maybe someday when I have money I'll pick one up. The blue-ray player sounds spiffy. But so far both systems pretty much have the same game library

Blake said...

get one now!!! NOW I SAY!!!

Loner Gamer said...

Interesting arguments. I don't agree that right now the PS3 is doing that great graphically, especially when it comes to multi-console releases but I know that the PS3 has more graphical potential that the 360 can ever dream of... Maybe we'll see examples of that technology soon enough.

I always recommend everyone to get all the consoles because why limit your video gaming experienece when it's about the games and not the consoles in the first place?