Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Street Fighter IV - xbox 360

I was on the fence about this game. I had already purchased Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix and thought this wasn't going to be that much different. But I took a chance and I'm really glad I did.

When I first got the game home I played the arcade mode on easy. The moment I tried to start a game the screen flashed "A new warrior has entered the ring!" I thought nothing much of it until I realized i was playing online. My first match was quickly over. The guy who challenged me got some easy points and I had to go to training mode for a while.

This took me back to the arcade days where you'd try out a game just to have somebody slap down some quarters beside you and kick your ass at it. I liked that feature, but I had to turn it off if I were to unlock all the characters (and thank god you can turn it off so I could practice)

The game play feels different from it's predecessor's. The characters have a bit more weight and energy to them that really makes every hit feel like an actual hit. This doesn't slow the gameplay down though. This game is just as fast paced as all the others and then some with the inclusion of the Super/Ultra meter.

The Super Move meter and an Ultra move meter can easily turn the tide of a game. To fill the Super Meter you need to be doing well and to fill the Ultra meter you need to be doing poorly. Each has devastating potential and can help you out in the long run.

Playing with just the controller can be a bit frustrating as using an xbox 360 controller in a fighting game just feels wrong. Some of the moves don't register all that well and some feel impossible to pull off. I might have to invest in an arcade stick or if I feel creative and adventurous enough I might just make my own. or not.


(nipple twist)


Blake said...

I was wondering who would get to this one first. 2 Things I think are worth mentioning is the horrible music in the game, which I turned off the minute I got to a menu.

2nd, the boss, which took me an hr to beat and when I did, I resorted the button mashing, frustrated button mashing.

But it feels good to play on the ps3 controller. Right now,like u and am unlocking the other characters.

Josh Rodgers said...

Yeah the music is crap tarded.

And holy poo that boss is cheap! But to be cheaper fight him with zangief and spam the tornado attack. You can also get the achievement for the hardest setting on the game by doing this