Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mass Effect - Xbox 360

Yeah, I know this game is old.But I just recently got a Xbox 360, and there are a ton of games out for it that I wanted to play and can only play on the 360. This being one of them and it being it so far from its release date, I got it in one of the bargain bins. So it was super cheap from it original price.

I remember when this first came out and there was lots of hype around it. Great graphics and story and solid game play. My first thoughts of the game was, Its exactly like Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic. Except of lightsabers and lasers, there and Bullets and Bionics. Then because I am an idiot, I didn't clue into the fact that both games are made by the same company, that explains alot. This doesn't make the game a bad game, for me, it was more of the same.

For people who never played Starwars, KOTOR because they don't like Starwars type games and then turn around and play mass effect. They are the same game, if you liked one, then you would have liked the other, Starwars of not. When I first played Starwars, KOTOR, I loved the game, it was something different and had all the starwars mythos and lightsabers. It had the premise of starting the game has a neutral guy but depending on the choices that you made, you could be a good or bad guy, same with mass effect. Certain choices affects what you do.

So when Starwars, KOTOR 2 came out I was a little intrigued and gave it a try. It was the same game except with more options and new characters and different story. I found myself bored with the game and rushing through all the talking bits just to get the game over with. And by no means did I want to go back and play the game again but this time has a Sith. IT was just blah. And if I knew from the start that mass effect was like Starwars KOTOR, I pretty sure I wouldn't have picked it up. It was fun for the first 10 hrs, but then I found myself skipping whole conversations and story plots just to get the game over.

You know that when you are skipping things just to get to the end of the game is usually not a good sign. Unfortunately the game went on for another 26 hrs. Sure I could have finished it earlier, but I had to do all the side quest. If I don't it feels like I am not completing the game and plus doing little side quest helps to level up and make boss fights that much easier.

And the bloody elevator rides, holy shit, who came up with that!!!!I hated knowing that I had to get in a elevator just to check in a locker or grab an item. You literally get in it and then I can leave and take a shit and come back and I would just be getting off the damn thing.

Overall, its not a bad game, its quite good. But its a game that I had already played and had my fill of when it was called Starwars:Knights of the Old Republic. Play any of these 3 to have a great gaming experience. You don't need to play all 3 for the whole experience, its just more of the same.

With me just finishing Mass Effect, they just released the teaser trailer for Mass Effect 2. Which I am sure it will be a great game if you have never played any of the games mentioned above.


ShittyShitLips said...

I know what you mean about the elevator rides. ugg.