Monday, June 21, 2010

So Which is it Sony?!!

Pricing is a important part of driving new hardware. It could kill it in its tracks if its too high, much like the price point of the PSP when it first was announced. You could hear crickets when they announced the price of the first PSP.

But with all the announcements this E3, I don't have a frikken clue what its going to cost. At first it was said $49.99 then I heard $79.99, then $89.99 then$100.00 then it went up to $130.00 and now $180.00, where are these prices coming from. What am I buying?!

WTF!!! Well what it is, IS. The move comes in Pieces, you have packages with a game and the Eye Cam and second part of the controller. But not all games require that you have all peices. So $49.99 is what you pay for the initial controller but then you need the Eye and then a game. So the cost just keeps going up and up.

But to experience all of what MOVE has to offer, the cost is going to get pretty high. Sure you don't NEED to have ALL of the parts. But are you really experiencing what MOVE has to offer if you just play with PART of it?

It all seems too much for me. I think I will be staying away from Move. Good luck Sony trying to get some of Nintendo's Market.


Big D said...

It's like owning a couple of the Constructicons. Yeah they are ok by themselves, but it's not nearly as cool unless you can make Devastator!

Blake said...

OMGOD!! I couldn't have said it better myself. Good show sir!!