Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Transformers: War for Cybertron - Where's my Review

So this game was released today( not that I am buying it new) and there isn't a single review for it on any of the major sites. What gives?? Did Activision pay off all the game sites so they wouldn't release a review early or on release day so they could hook in the Transformer Fans?? Is the game that broken upon release with some fundamental flaw that makes the game horrible??

Doesn't makes sense, with all the other titles the reviews came out that day or in some cases a day or two in advance.

The previews said that the game looks promising, but we've all heard that before. So what gives? Perhaps all the game sites are all too busy with E3 wrap up that no one had time to get around to playing Transformers.

Well I'm still not getting this brand new and will be waiting for a second hand copy. Take that Activision.