Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Trophy Hunt or Not To Trophy Hunt

I have never in my whole gaming life have had such a back log of games to play. Currently I have 4 games sitting on my shelf that I have to start. That's not counting all the other great games that came out this year, Mass Effect 2, God of War, Heavy Rain, etc.

The main reason is I like to max out everything you can do in a game and add trophies with that and it makes all that much more enjoyable.

BUT..I want to play other games too. I can only equate it to an addiction. It hurks me to finish a game and not try and do all the side stuff. I mean I am currently trying to max out 3D Dot Game Heroes but I can see this game taking at least 2-3 more weeks to really finish it all.

Last night I popped in SUPER street fighter 4 for a bit and all I could do was think, "You need to finish that other game before you can start a new one".

I still go back and play older games I have finished such has Battlefield 2, a bunch PSN DLC. But to start a new game....ummm.

I NEED TO START A NEW GAME PLAY MANTRA. Play the game, finish the game and move on to the next one (BUT in the mean time, go back through your games to play a little here and there to get those extra bits)

I have to do that, I can't stay on one game forever. So tonight..well tonight I play battlefield onslaught new mode. But after that, I am starting infamous. I do enjoy trophy hunting, but trophy hunting for specific trophies can take awhile, usually involving playing a game 2-3 times.

Well shall see how this goes.


Edward said...

Trophies and achievements?
Oh lord, I couldn't care less about them! ;)

Blake said...

I wish I had your sentiment. But it has been ingrained into me since I was young. Finish EVERYTHING, trophies just now give me little "DING" that I have successfully completed it.