Friday, January 27, 2012


I'm sorry Jay..but it has PACMAN!!! and MEGAMAN!!! and COLE!!! and I don't really know too much about what the hell those things are.

I didn't have much interest in this game mainly due to I was tired of buying a capcom fighting game, only to have a new cheaper version with more stuff, come out 3 months later. Well not this time...this time I will wait...BUT I WANT IT NOW!!!.....but I will wait.

I will wait for Super Ultimate, Bang-R-Rang Street Fighter Vs Tekkan Gold version to come out, before I even look at picking it up!! Its not like picking it up early will give me an advantage online anyway.


Chalgyr Vokel said...

LOL - loved the title for this one. I have to say that Pac-man and chubby Mega Man sort of caught me off-guard on this title, but it was an amusing announcement all the same, and I am a big fan of fighter games, so I'm looking forward to this title to begin with. ;)

Blake said...

Me too...but I will be using all my will power to NOT buy this game right away and will wait possibly 3-4 months later..when they release the SUPER AWESOME version..we know that will?!..right?...I won't be caught buying it for 60 bucks only to have a updated better version come out later for $40.