Friday, January 27, 2012

Back to the Future-Episode 1: Its About Time - PS3

Tell Tale games are very well know for their pick and choose adventures. They are also well know for confusing the fuck outta me, where do I go..who do I talk with now!?..god dammit I'm lost again.

Well I got the whole entire series from "Plus" for free. So I can't complain.

Wanna keep this short and not long winded....good luck me.

I had fun..the games are a hoot. The puzzles weren't stupid hard...I was never truly frustrating stuck, unlike other games from tell tale.

I was enjoying myself and it felt very fluid..the game never once felt like it came to a halt. I enjoyed the story, the nostalgia of the game itself is great. The voice acting is superb and the game play is fun and enjoyable.

I did replay episode 1 twice so I could choose different options, just to see the ramifications of choosing different dialogue trees, but there was little to no difference in choosing different dialogue trees. So that was kinda disappointing. But that also means that there's really not much replay value in these games. Once you do everything in the story line..there not much worth going back for, unless you want to clean up some trophies.

The only real bad thing was and is..the animation. Its down right horrendous..I mean at times it can come off as decent but for the most part, the lip sync, the motion, the ...ugg.its all very very unfinished. If only they were given 3-4 months to fix the animation, it would look amazing. The style direction of the game is great..but the animation is piss poor. Sad...for such a great game to have such a huge flaw..its almost embarrassing.

But!! doesn't kill the game, its still fun. Its just crappy to watch things move. Overall, I enjoyed the first episode and for anyone who is a fan of the movie and grew up in that era...its a great trip back in time to replay some neat characters and interact with Hill Valley.