Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fox News Shows its Intelligence - If You Want to Call It That.

I don't understand these types of people. From anyone who works in the industry to just being a gamer themselves, sitting here and listening to this guy just proves that he has no clue what so ever what he's talking about.

Whats worse, but not to be unexpected about Fox New(That word should be replaced with something other than "News") Is that there questioning is so inane. Its the blind leading the blind.

I'm a person that goes out of my way to see both sides of the story, so I can understand both sides, before I make my own opinion. After that, its gloves off, and will call a spade a spade.

This guy didn't go any further than open the door to video games and poke his head out and his head exploded because he couldn't process what he was seeing. Rather than explore the whole story of it, he latched on to one point that was per-determined in his mind and ran with it.

He is no different than a crack addict. Do you think for one sec that a crack addict doesn't analyze their whole day with the thought of," How do I get more crack today"? Of course they do, everything is looked at with the thought of," Can I steal that?"...."How much money is that worth?"..."Do I have to resort to selling myself on the street to get money?"

Just like this guy, his days are predetermined with the thought process of a "Agenda" in mind. Anything that he sees and does is somehow linked into that thought process. He's perfectly happy with going no further than what he knows, cause he doesn't need to know anymore than that.

I have to stop ranting there, cause I think I can go on forever about crazy people like this.


TheBankGuy said...

Wow Fox "News" pokes their biased little heads into an area they clearly have no clue about. I love how they were talking about environmental games and yet they showed Call of Duty on one side of the screen and Flower on the other. Then they mentioned that kids were stressing out and sweating cause they could not save the virtual polar bears. Excuse me, but if your kid reacts this way to those sorts of notions, then clearly you are not monitoring what your kids see/play which parents should do.
Kids are impressionable, but they're only as stupid, (generally speaking), as their parents.
Fox...dumbasses. Are they only declaring war on the video game industry because they don't make a profit on it. Has anyone ever mentioned though that Fox News' parent company, (FOX), has had a hand in some of the most violent offenders in Video Game history? Aliens VS rip a guys spine out. Who licensed this...oh wait it's FOX....get your facts straight dicks. Sorry but this ignorance infuriates me. I am a 37 year old gamer and it's amazing to this day how many people still say, "aren't you a little old to be playing games?" Why? Because of attacks from the media like this.

It's the same old story of violent cartoons. When the Ninja Turtles came out, no one had a problem. When a kid disappeared into the NY sewers, everyone had a problem. No one considered that the kid could have been maladjusted and perhaps his parents should never have let him watch that show. BTW, that aired on FOX.

Blake said...

Yeah, I love the stories of parents shouting at the top of their lungs because they are too lazy to raise their kids themselves.

Games are rated the same was as movies are, do people ignore this fact? And you can't show COD and flower and compare them in anyway. That's like comparing saving private ryan and The carebears movie and saying that kids get upset when No-Heart captures the kids in the movie.

It boggles the mind the amount of stupidity in this world.