Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Memories - Thinking of You

Sad news the other day, my best friend whom I've had since I was in grade 6, his Dad passed away. So yesterday, I didn't feel like posting anything - I stuck up a little picture just to fill the void.

I grew up with this man, his Dad and its truly a shock to have him gone. I miss him and I know its hard on everyone close to him. Just wanted to let my good buddy know and the rest of the family that I'm truly thinking of you constantly the pass couple of days. I'll be talking to you, and all I can say is hold in there.

Love them all, they were like a second family to me. Growing up him, I got my first experience with PC gaming. Here's a little run down, of what I played at their home.

You will most certainly be missed :(


Kelli said...

the first 2 had some very snazzy tunes. I know this post is suppose to be about the game itself but I can't help it game music overcomes me, lol.

Kelli said...

actually I missed the whole point of this post...

my condolences to your best friend's dad. I know the situation isn't easy to live through but just know he's in pc gaming heaven.

Blake said...

In a nutshell - Being a gaming blog but still wanting to mention the situation, I thought back to me going to his home to play those old games on his PC.