Friday, June 24, 2011

Team Fortress 2

I never played TF, and it's not a game I'm likely to ever play.

But I love love LOVE the cutscene style and animations. At least the promotional ones. Dunno if it's in game ever.

This video is amazing!


Nick Jewell said...

You're missing out, my friend! It's actually quite a stomping good time! Even despite all the pseudo-RPG elements they've added into the game (which I largely ignore), TF2 is one of the only first-person shooters whose multiplayer I can actually stand.

That being said, the videos they produce to promote the game are so amazing, it doesn't matter if you play the game: it's just pure entertainment.

Blake said...

I will have to give it a try. Do I get it through steam for Free?

Anonymous said...

Yup. Just go to and download it. It's free providing you have Steam account (which can be created for free). I'm not much of a PC player so it's "meh" to me, but I can see how if I was accustomed to playing online on a PC how you'd like it..however right now since it's F2P, a ton of new people are playing it lending the game to feel more like a cartoony Call of Duty since nobody's using mics or playing as team (which is what the game is supposed to be out).