Friday, June 24, 2011

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Bug

I guess I didn't talk about playing Ghostbuster, the DLC game, I'll get right on that.In a nutshell, its a horrible game, even for Ghostbuster fans like myself. Which make me say to myself(DO THIS NOW BLAKE- GET THAT VIDEO CAPTURE UP ASAP YOU LAZY BUM!!!)

But Beatfreaker over at Portable Soldier was able to record what was happening on his side of the screen.

We found many annoying and at times entertaining bugs while playing the game, but this one takes the cake. On my side everything was normal, there was 2 boss enemies and that's it. Where as Jay's side was filled ghost. I couldn't see it, but he could. What was funny, is that it also made him invincible and continued on for the next two maps. Which was kinda good, cause he was constantly reviving us and not taking any damage.

So I wouldn't consider it a cheat since we didn't do anything, it just happened. But this video is a great example of the kind of mess that is Ghostbusters : Sanctum of Slime, boy is this game ever a mess.

Don't worry, Jay's not talking to himself. He's talking to me via mic...or am I in his head?!? no...I'm not that clever.