Thursday, June 23, 2011

Marvel Pinball - Fantastic Four Table

The latest table to come from Zen Studios and to be honest if they kept making marvel pinballs for the rest of my life, I be a happy man. It has to be one of the more surprising genres I've played, pinball? of all game genres, I'm enjoying the heck outta the marvel pinballs series.

With the inclusion of Fantastic Four to the series it just adds to an already fun library of tables. I first thought that each member was going to get its own table, one for Mr Fantastic, one of the Thing and so on. But its just one table that includes all of them, which just as good. Seeing as each character as its own challenge on the table itself.

What I am noticing about all the tables are its deadzones, areas that you hit the ball and no matter what , it will shoot back at you and straight down the middle. You have to learn where these are and try to keep the ball away from them, otherwise your gonna lose again and again.

Fantastic Four table is different than the other tables, its one of the few tables that you can get some series scores just by doing random things around the board. Unlike the other tables where you mainly only get the big scores by doing missions. Which I think is a great addition to the tables. A few of the missions are pretty challenging and require skill and alot of luck. But its great that you can take a side route to getting points with alternative score lanes. Ironman table I'm looking at your for being a points stickler!!

With my first few rounds of Fantastic Four I was able to score a 90 plus million, the closet one to that is my Spiderman score with 84 or 85. So I had a good run, but like I said, you can get points by doing more than just side missions, decent points aswell.only 3 other friends have this table yet, so I am hoping more will pick it up to do some score chasing. Always great fun! Have to hit the GamerDorks up again and see who's on board.

All in all, a great addition to the marvel pinball franchise, even for someone like me who is not the biggest Fantastic Four Fan. They took it and made something quite enjoyable.

With that, I am looking forward to their next table and the many more after that.