Monday, May 16, 2011

Lego Harry Potter - PS3

I am SO MAD at this game right now. Darryl already went through a while bad with some of the multiplayer bugs he encountered. Here is the original post.

But what I encountered is in the single-player game and it is a doozy!

So I've finished all the story parts and going back in freeplay to try and unlock everything and exploring Hogwarts to get all the red/gold bricks and characters. I have almost all the red ones, and many many characters. I have pips up the whazoo, thanks to the many combined multipliers. So everything is fun and dandy.

So I happily get the red brick in Dumbledore's office, which is a pain because you have to be a dark magic character and a polyjuice potion is very far, you have to go through all the shifting stairwells. What do I do? Well, I go back to Diagon Alley to purchase the red brick I just unlocked, of course. YAY! Fantastic! Only 3 left to find!

I transport back to Hogwarts to get on with my search. I appear back where I left, on one of the stair landing. Then, a stair starts shifting for no apparent reason ... AND STOPS MID-SHIFT. No amount of going back in and out of rooms, jumping to my death or shooting the portraits will make it move. It is STUCK there. Which means I am stuck there too. Nothing to be done.

I've looked on the internet and it is indeed a bug. So no more exploring Hogwarts for me. I would have to start a whole new game.

This blows.

So, if you're playing the game DO NOT LEAVE HOGWARTS WHEN YOU'RE IN THE MOVING STAIRWELL HALL!! You may get stuck there with no way back.

My issue isn't visually the same as this video, but it's essentially the same thing. Stuck there forever.

The game was fun up until that part. :(
I'll probably start it up again in the future, but now it hurts too much.


Blake said...

Ian? do you even look at our own blog anymore?!...I don't know what to think of you.

I have cheese sandwiche here just for your face!!! ZING!!

Blake said...

ahh, but I do feel bad about throwing a cheese sandwich in your face....lets make it a bacon and egg sandwich instead..more yummier!

rowen26 said...

I won't accept anything less then a McGriddle.

Anything else would be deeply insulting.

Oliver.M said...

I only really liked the Star Wars lego games, although I'm a big Harry Potter fan and have read all the books.

Blake said...

@ Oliver - I agree, you have to like the source material from which the lego games are made. They pretty much are all the same fun quirky games.

But I enjoyed the starwars/Batman ones to the Indiana Jones and Harry Potter.

The next one being pirates of the Caribbean doesn't interest at all. I enjoyed the movies enough, but I am not a big enough fan of the series to invest into the game itself.