Monday, August 16, 2010

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 Co-op Bug

Thought I put this up before I talked about the game itself. The most recent Lego Franchise has a glaring bug that I am amazed that the game testers didn't find this. It makes me wonder if its just limited to my copy or is this happening in other copies.
But working in the game industry myself I know that a glitch that you can make happen again and again goes from being a glitch to Bug. Which means someone didn't do their job on the testing side thing.

Me and Ian are giving Co-op a try, everything was going well until we got to a boss. At this point Ian's (second player) character turned into someone else and he couldn't control him. Instead his character was a mirror to mine, so if I pressed up, he would go up, etc.

I thought that this may be due to a boss fight and maybe it was suppose to be only one player. So after the boss fight the game went back to normal.

So we start the next level and we have 3 characters. Ron, Harry and Fang. Then we get to the point where you have to select the Dog, "Fang". Which is normal to do in single player but now, we can't change characters. Which means we can't progress any further in the level because we need to dog to access a part of the game that others can't reach.

At this point the Ian quits and tries to re-enter the game but can't. It won't register his button presses within the game. So then I restart the game and we try again. This time I exit, but can't get back in. So Ian exists aswell and now neither of us are controlling the characters. But Ian is able to get back in the game just fine.

What I see now is I am in control of the dog "Fang" but I am not registered in the icon. It still says."press start". So its me not registered and the second player that is registered and I am controlling the non registered character but I can't use any of his abilities.WTF??!!!

This is beyond a glitch and is no doubt a Bug, a big bug. It essential eliminates multiplayer Co-op which these games are known for. I mean it is beyond broken and from looking this up on the internet, this is NOT the only bug with this game. Apparently it is littered with bugs. But I must say that playing single player I have yet to come across any bugs. But the co-op is broken as Hell. Someone dropped the ball big time here with the latest installment of the Lego franchise.

This video is a good representation has to what the hell is going on Co-op.


Andy Jenicek said...

We're experiencing the same issues too. One player controling both simultaneously/mirror. Right now we can't get Fang to go up a ramp or dig or anything, so we are totally stuck. So I googled my symptoms and your page came up first in the search. I'm having him go through the game solo right now, and having him call me when he gets through so hopefully we can continue together. (*&^%$aaargh

Blake said...

Yeah, its really disappointing for such a popular franchise to have such a broken mechanic in the co-op portion of the game.

A co-worker of mine was thinking about getting the game for his kids as well, but after hearing about this ,he said "I'll wait untill they release all of them has the collection and hopefully by then they will have the bugs worked out"

He's right, HOPEFULLY, they will have the bugs worked out. But I am really disappointed that they arn't addressing this with some sort of update or patch now.

Good luck trying to finishing the game on co-op.

Chris said...

My girlfriend and I just went through the game start to finish co-op the whole time,out of all the minor bugs in the game ( like not able to get all the characters ) we didn't experience this once

Blake said...

Good news, what ever the bug is, it doesn't seem to be prominent other wise we would be hearing alot more about it.