Monday, August 16, 2010

Brazil Finally gets the PS2. Wait?!.....What?

This kind of stuff just blows the mind. But the PS2 was finally launched in Brazil 9 months ago, Along with the PS3, so its a double win win, I think. I really don't know, this just makes my brain fart. But the biggest part of this news is, if you convert the cost of PS3 from Brazilian dollars to American,a PS3 cost ....wait for this..... $1180.00. It was suppose to $1500.00, but they reduced the price. And the cost of PS2 if $450.00.

Holy Moly!! Why?! Where is all this extra cost coming from? Taxes? Drug lord money?! (Sorry, I am stereotyping I know. To make it better you can ask how my Igloo up in Canadian is? Which I respond with,"Damn hard to keep it from melting in the summer"), I honestly don't know enough about Brazil to make a intellectual comment. Just that it boggles the mind. How much does milk and eggs cost in Brazil? can I equate it to that.?If I translate those cost, does that mean a 2L of milk cost $15? Please help me understand here!


seigi ac said...

I don't know what's exactly happening in Brazil, but I can tell you that at least in Mexico the prices of most electronics, including of course video games, is at least double than the retail price on USA and Canada.

They say it's because of the cost of import and also because of piracy, which is a big deal in Mexico. But that makes video games unaffordable to most people (although Mexico is still an important market in latin america) and it kinda boosts piracy in a way.

In the border (where I am from) something funny happens though. Most of us who live in the border have or knows someone who has a visa to go the USA to buy electronics, so it is very ridiculous to see a console on a mexican wal mart at triple the price that in the american wal mart when they are a few miles away from each other.

so I guess, this high prices must happen all over latin america, and I dare say it's worst in other less developed countries.

but that's how it is I guess.

Edward said...

The problem is the abusive amount of taxes applied on any foreign eletronics. It's just prohibitive for any developer/menufacturer to set foot in Brazil. As an example, recently Steve Jobs was very direct in denying a formal request to open an Apple store in Rio, just because it's financially stupid.

This is one of the reasons why piracy is seen as normal for 90% gamers down here. I don't know about numbers, but the PS2 console count in Brazil is insanely high - it's one of the biggest markets for Sony, except for the software bootlegging that runs amok. In a nutshell, everything seigi_ac wrote about Mexico applies to Brazil as well.

Blake said...

That's crazy, its makes it seem like some giant black market.

I almost want to see a guy on the street in a trench coat whispering,"hey you, you interested in buying a PS3? only $800, that's $400 off regular priced"